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11 Best Sites like Humble Bundle (Cheap Alternatives) In 2019

When it comes to buying games at the discounted price with multiple games, most of us use the Humble Bundle site. The Humble Bundle site offers many great deals on great games at a good price. The best thing about this site is the fact that it provides games bundles to buy. If you are looking for similar sites like a humble bundle to buy games bundle then check out this article.

When it comes to buying games cheap I prefer using g2a or Gamivo sites. The reason why I use them is the fact that both of these sites have some amazing offers on games. But if you are just interested in buying games bundle then you can check these sites like Humble Bundle for great deals.

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Here Are The Best Sites Like Humble Bundle To Buy Games In Bundles At Cheap Price In 2019.

  1. Fanatical.
  2. Groupees.
  3. Itch.io.
  4. IndieGala.
  5. GreenManGaming.
  6. LazyGuysBundle.
  7. Gamersgate.
  8. Kinguin.
  9. Story Bundle.
  10. Gamivo.
  11. G2A.

All of these sites have some great deals on some great games. You can find your favourite games on these sites at discounts on different occasions. I suggest trying to be more active on these sites to get the best deals for your budget. All the details and links are given below for these sites. Here are the top sites like Humble Bundle to Buy cheap games bundle in 2019.

1. Fanatical


Fanatical is one of the best sites to buy pc games bundles. The site has a great reputation for having some awesome deals and trust factor. You can find some really awesome daily discounts on this site for random steam games. Check out daily, who knows your favourite game might be on sale and you happen to get it.

Fanatical offers some really great discounts and games bundle to buy on cheap prices. The sale price is also very good offers. You can buy games on regular days too on great discounts but the sale discount is something that can’t compete with the regular bundles. I suggest buying games on sales for a heavy discount.

2. Groupees.


Groupees can be considered as one the best site where you can buy games bundle at a great price. The best part about this site is the fact that it donates a portion of profit each time a sale happens. So you can now proudly buy games bundle on this site.

Even though this site offers many top games to buy in bundles but you are not going to find some great deals on big titles. But sometimes this site does offer some big titles on sales.

My personal experience on this site is not as good as I wasn’t able to find a good deal for my desire games. But this will not be going to happens with all of you so be sure to check out this site. This is a great place for games bundle to buy at a good price.

3. Itch.io.


Itch.io is a great platform for gamers to look for some great deals on games bundle. The site allows many new developers to post their games here and most of the time we gamers can play these games for free.

You can find many deals in the form of a bundle and as the individual product on this site. You can experience some really great games on this site which you can not find anywhere else. The sale price on bundles of games is also great.

You can buy many new games on this site made by different developers. You can also support many developers on this site. If you like indie games than this is the place you should definitely need to check out.

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4. IndieGala.


IndieGala is known for its great deals and games bundles. When it comes to buying games bundles online, IndieGala will surely one of the most common places for most of the gamers. And the reason for this behaviour is the fact that this site has some really great games bundle to purchase from.

The site offers many ranges of the price that you can pay for your desire bundle. It has options to pay whatever you like with a small price of minimum requirements. It is one of the best websites like Humble Bundle to buy games bundles.

This site also provides options to buy individual games online at some discount. Honestly, I don’t feel the individual price of the games is as good as other site but the bundle price is a really great deal.

5. GreenManGaming.


GreenManGaming is one of the best sites to buy games online if you are looking for some great deals on games. The site doesn’t offer any special bundles to buy but rather you can purchase individual games on this site.

There is also a bundle section for games but it varies with region to region. For example, in the US region you might find many bundles of games but in the Asia region, you might find very few games bundles. It is one of the best alternatives for the Humble Bundle site.

GreenManGaming also offers some really great games sales on the sales events. I suggest buying games on sales day for some really big discount. The site also has a good amount of offers on regular days. You can check this site for good offers on games as it is one of the trusted sites to buy games online.

6. LazyGuysBundle.


LazyGuysBundle is another great site with great deals on games bundles. The site doesn’t offer many individual games to buy but you can buy games bundles on this site. Like some other sites, this site also allows you to pay as you want with some minimum price range.

You can find new bundles deals every day here. The price is very good for most of the bundles on this site. The only drawback I feel is the fact that this site has few deals to choose from. You can’t find multiple deals for most of the time. There are very few bundles on sale on this site.

7. Gamersgate.


Gamersgate is another site where you can buy games on a discount price. The site offers pretty big deals on popular games. You can save up to 70% on big games titles. The daily sale also offers some great games for gamers to buy.

The site also offers some big discount on other games which are not as popular as other big name games. On the sale day, the discount on games on this site can rise up to 90%. You can buy big discounted games on this site at sale time.

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The best time for anyone to buy games is always sales times. Most of the sales happen on black Friday days, summer sales, winter sales and other big festival sales. But if you are looking for good deals on your games on regular days then the site can surely help you. This is one of the few sites to offers great deals on regular days.

8. Kinguin.


When it comes to trust and good deals Kinguin is a well-known site all around the world. The games on this sites are mostly global region. So you don’t need to worry about your region on this site. But do remind that before buying any games on this site or any other sites remember to check the region first.

Kinguin offers great deals on big games name at an affordable price tag. If you are a gamers with a very tight budget than buying games at a discount price is a must step for happy gaming. You can buy games on this sites with very ease.

Kinguin offers a variety of games to choose from. You can buy your favourite games at a very affordable price. Usually, you can find some better deals on other sites too but this is a site where most of the time you gonna find the best price games to buy.

9. Story Bundle.

story bundle

Story Bundle offers bundles but not for games. Are you confused? Well, this site works as a Humble Bundle site and offers bundles to purchase and to support developers and charity. But instead of selling games bundles, this site sells books bundles.

If you are a person who loves to read a lot of books of the different genre then this site is for you. You can now help charity by purchasing books in bundles. These bundles also get on sales most of the time. So you can grab your favourite books bundles at affordable prices.

But let’s be fair, we all know books are very cheap to buy. You can buy good story books in just a couple of bucks. But this site also allows you to help your favourite book author. And also provides a way to help charity by donating money. This is a site for book lover not for gamers. If you love books reading then maybe this site is for you.

10. Gamivo.


Gamivo is one of the best and latest site to buy games online nowadays. This is my personal favourite games buying site. You can also check most of the top deals on this site are from Gamivo site. It has some of the best prices for the games on any other sites.

Whenever I need to find some steam games to purchase at a very tight budget I used to compare all the prices on most of the sites. And guess what, Most of the time the most discount price for my games I found is from the Gamivo site.

This site has great deals and discounts on big games as well as other games too. You can find multiple platform games deals on this site. This is a site that I especially highly suggest to use. Try this site if you don’t want to get felt like cheated buying games at high prices on other sites.

11. G2A


G2A is a site that is trusted by millions of people worldwide to buy and sell games online. This is a site where you can buy games at a very high discount price on daily bases. This site also has some games bundles to buy from to get some great value for money games.

The site allows us to sell anything valuable to others follow gamers on this site. You can also buy other platforms games on this site rather than just pc games. The price of this site is also very cheap. Fair warning before buying anything on this site, check the seller rating and product reviews before.

This way you won’t get cheated on this site. There are some cases where some fraud happens on this site. But they are very rare and this site is a very secure platform to buy games online. The sale price on this site is also a huge sale event. You won’t regret buying your first game from here.

Check out the best sites like G2A for best price and discount on popular games.


There you have it the best sites like humble bundle you can use in 2019 for best games deals. Buying games in the bundle is a great way of saving money as well as trying different games. All of these sites are trusted source but I still suggest remain alert.

For games bundles, I suggest using the humble bundle and Indiegala site. And if you are looking to buy games at a higher discount price then I suggest using Gamivo and G2A site. Check out the best Pokemon fan games to play in 2019.

Other sites on this list are also very great. You can use any of these sites to buy your games. Comment down below to let me know which site do you like to buy games online?

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