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55+ Best Flash Games Of All Time In 2019

No one can stop gamers from playing games right! The industry of gaming is rising like a charm and millions of people are playing thousands of games every single day. From Mobile to PC, every platform does have cool games. Even browsers nowadays have amazing games. Those are known as flash games and I’ve listed around 55+ best flash games in 2018.

Browser games are known as flash games. Anyone can play such these using a desktop browser. Desktop browsers support some plugins and technologies which enables them to run flash games. Everyone who has access to the internet and browser can enjoy browser games easily. However, mobile devices have a lack of some plugins and hence mobile browser users can’t play these best flash games.

There is a wide range of choices in different genre and categories. From action to shooting, almost every single type of choice is available for both casual and regular gamers. In fact, many gaming companies release a small version of their new game in flash format. Then it’s freely distributed over the internet. It’s done to gain free publicity and to attract more and more people.best flash games of all time

There’s no need to install any specific software or plug-in. If your browser is updated to the latest version, there’s nothing you need to enjoy best flash games. Just open any of these games and start playing them. You should also be aware of the fact that browser games are small in size and comes with a limited number of levels.

Even some of them support multiplayer and hence you can enjoy them with your friends and family members as well. So, it’s a great deal to have access to such games. But, if you’re totally new to flash games, then I’ve created a list of more than 55+ best flash games of 2018. Even gameplay and little description are also written so that you can better understand their concept.

Table Of Contents

#1. 55+ Best Flash Games

#2. Best Flash Games Of All Time

#3. Tips and Conclusion

55+ Best Flash Games To Play Right Now

Note: I’m not affiliated to these games and this list is only for educational purpose. Don’t forget to check the recommended games section (Games which I’ve played) to know more about them.

Flash GamesURL (Copy Paste In New Tab)
Happy Wheelshttps://happywheelsunblocked.fun
Run 3 Unblockedhttps://run3unblocked.us
Baloons Tower Defense 5https://goo.gl/B7jSVd
3 Pandas In Japanhttps://goo.gl/61wuPP
Age of Defense 3
13 Days In Hellhttps://goo.gl/HTxiUt
360 Snakehttps://goo.gl/iL6Zto
Tank Troublehttps://tanktroubleunblocked.fun
3 Pandas 2 Nighthttps://goo.gl/P73wSP
The Last Dinosaurshttps://goo.gl/Y4rHP3
1 On 1 Tennishttps://goo.gl/T123Su
Obey The Gamehttps://goo.gl/M99ZBb
100 Meter Sprinthttps://goo.gl/XGQe8p
Zombocalypse 2https://goo.gl/p2AGLg
Moto XM3https://goo.gl/sSZqU6
Dead Samuraihttps://goo.gl/2QQgyn
Epic War 4https://goo.gl/reK8HT
3 Sliceshttps://goo.gl/iFJuHC
Ace Gangsterhttps://goo.gl/Cs1spz
Animal Racewayhttps://goo.gl/XVYcG1
1 On 1 Footballhttps://goo.gl/ZCEX9M
Bad Eggshttps://goo.gl/U9MZ5W
Army Of Ageshttps://goo.gl/SDQDrm
Battle Of Berlinhttps://goo.gl/muf3hq
Riddle School 5https://goo.gl/nTbfs8
Drift Huntershttps://goo.gl/SstrdB
Gun Bloodhttps://goo.gl/2V1Qc7
Pipe Ridershttps://goo.gl/yEe9P5
Snail Bob 8https://goo.gl/RyNe27
Bomb A Bombhttps://goo.gl/jSHMbY
Poop Clickerhttps://goo.gl/Pu6BZW
Terris Simplehttps://goo.gl/orf3NM
Learn To Fly 4https://goo.gl/VQNSZu
Dream Car Racking Evohttps://goo.gl/vPNGh3
Terris Dhttps://goo.gl/WpqxXe
Wheely 8https://goo.gl/2YnPxF
Angry Birds Riohttps://goo.gl/F6SaKN
Aliens Hominidhttps://goo.gl/hB3AMd
Exit Pathhttps://goo.gl/Y8M8rb
Zombo Busterhttps://goo.gl/EVqgqJ
Air Hockeyhttps://goo.gl/BFgBW1
Go Go Plant 2https://goo.gl/Qow9BM
Truck Loader 5https://goo.gl/oVWQXa
Stick Warshttps://goo.gl/sY6VxL
JailBreak 2https://goo.gl/6jK5zc
18 Wheeler 2https://goo.gl/BGehiL
Murloc RPG Stranglethorn Feverhttps://goo.gl/oRCygE
Flash Sonichttps://goo.gl/XerwdW
Flappy Birdhttps://goo.gl/RKdvMV
Battle Panichttps://goo.gl/43BGJe
Dirt Bike 3https://goo.gl/kMdoYx
Chibi Knighthttps://goo.gl/h3AxWR

This list is pretty much big right! Well, now it’s time to look at some of the amazing games which I’ve played for hours. The list given above is based on the gamers reviews and I’ve also tried all those games. But, I’m recommending to you the following ones.

The reason behind the recommendation is simple, it’s to give you a better idea about flash games. Not only me but the following suggestions are loved by thousands of other people. So, feel free to check out the best flash games of all time which are loved by thousands of other gamers.

Best Flash Games Of All Time (Recommended By PRO Gamers)

I’ve given the link to every single game so you don’t have to find it in the table above. Just copy the link and visit the page where you can play it. Every website which I’ve added here is freely accessible and doesn’t require registration. All these games are freely distributed over the internet.

1. Happy Wheels

My very first suggestion to all the readers is Happy Wheels. The reason behind this is simple, it’s a very popular game and millions of people are playing it every single day. Bunch of characters to choose from and tough levels, there are a lot more things which makes happy wheels an exciting game.

You might have seen some YouTubers showing the gameplay of happy wheels. Such videos are getting millions of views because this game is very popular. I’ve enjoyed it for hours and still love to play it. There are Android apps built as well, but the flash version of happy wheels is way more adventurous. happy wheels

A lot of websites are providing it for free to the users. You should definitely take advantage of it and start playing it right now.  If we talk about the gameplay, you have to choose a character from the choices available. Then different levels contain different maps, filled with obstacles and objects. Hitting to some of those objects will result in damage and even level might fail.

Play Now: Happy Wheels

2. Run 3

Another perfect choice if you’re thinking of playing browser game. Run 3 is just like Temple Run. Endless gameplay and a lot of fun and adventure. Basically, you’ll be given a task of controlling a character. The more you’ll concentrate on the game, farther you’ll go. Jumping upwards, moving left and right are some of the tasks you’ve to complete.run 3

With time, the speed of character will increase and it becomes hard to control it. Size of Run 3 is very small and it loads quickly in the browser. People also call it RUn 3 krii. I highly recommend you to try this and see how interesting is the gaming concept.

There are around 3 versions of this game and all are very popular right now. People are loving it because it’s handy to play and freely available on dozens of websites. Architecture, dangerous holes, obstacles etc. There’s a lot more to enjoy.

Play Now: Run 3

3. Tank Trouble

This flash game will fill your life with trouble. It’s because it’s really hard to win over the opponent. I’ve played it for the first time with computer AI and you know what! I failed a lot. The reason was simple, even the bombs which you’ve shot will hurt your tank. A single bullet is enough to destroy the tank.

Up to 3 players can play with each other. DIfferent keys on the keyboard are assigned to each gamer and hence it becomes really very exciting and enjoyable. When a player’s tanker is destroyed, whole maps reloads, creating a new complex map. tank trouble

When someone plays it for the very first time, it feels like that it’s very hard to control the direction and speed of the tanker. But, with time, everyone starts enjoying Tank Trouble game. Also, if you love shooting games and action based games, then don’t forgot to check games like dark souls.

Play Now: https://tanktroubleunblocked.fun

4. Obey The Game

Its name clears the concept of game right! A lot of levels and tasks are available and assigned to the player in every single level. 3 lives will be given in every game and one successful mission will credit +1 live. There isn’t replay to the level if you failed it. Next level will start automatically and there’ll be limited time in which mission should be completed.obey the game

Tasks like save yourself from obstacle, jump, collect all the coins etc. are assigned. Around 10-20 seconds are given and hence you should act fast otherwise continuously failing the mission will result in Game Over message on the screen.

People who love to play fast games should definitely play “Obey The Game” It’s totally free and one of the best flash games of all time.

Play Now: https://goo.gl/M99ZBb

5. Balloons Tower Defense 5

Have you ever played Plants Vs Zombies! If yes, then Balloons Tower Defense comes with same gaming concept but characters and goals are changed. Instead of targetting the zombies, you’re given a task to burst all the balloons which will be traveling the specified path.

balloons defense 5

Just grab a balloon shooting gun from the tools menu and place it nicely on the map. More guns and nice placement will result in a high score. The more you score, the more coins will be credited. Then those coins are used to purchase high-level defense objects.

A lot of maps and types of balloons are added. Hit points also differ according to the level at which you’re playing. Grab a drink and burst all the balloons on their way to win over them. Graphics and other objects are very nicely designed.

Play Now: https://goo.gl/B7jSVd

6. Moto XM3

One of the best flash games for moto gaming lovers. You might have seen a lot of such games on both PC and mobile but there’s also a flash version of MOTo XM3 available for free. Both online and offline save options are available. It comes with nice control and amazing graphics. Sound effects make the gameplay more nice and meaningful.moto xm3

Wha I loved the most is physics and graphics. Controls are very responsive and the bike is easy to controls. But, it doesn’t mean that challenges are easy to pass. Rolling cutters, rocks, and high platforms are tough to clear. Most of the times, player lands on rolling cutter which bursts the bike. Play Moto XM3 right now to know more about it.

Play Now: https://goo.gl/sSZqU6

7. 1 On 1 Football

I personally love 1 on 1 football. Really enjoyed it for hours with my brother and many other people as well. Characters in the game are kind of funny looking and sound effects etc. are added. All you need to do is just hit the ball towards the opponent and make more and more goals.

1 on 1 football

Players hit the balls with their head. Hence, it’s kind of hard to stay focused on the ball and align the head towards the ball. Computer AI is also available and is useful when there’s no one who can enjoy 1 on 1 football with you.

Play Now: https://goo.gl/ZCEX9M

8. 360 Snake

Snake game is loved by almost all kind of people whether they are young or old. A few years back, snake based games were very popular and almost every normal device have these games installed in them. But, with the rise in technology, more crunch is added. 360 Snake is the perfect example of it.

snake 360

I’ve recommended it because sometimes we need games with very simple gameplay. This version is much better to play because the player has the ability to move the snake in360 degree angles. It’s cool because it’s really boring if snake only moves in 4 directions. Just try snake 36o and I’m pretty much sure that you’re going to like it.

Play Now: https://goo.gl/iL6Zto

9. The Last Dinosaurs

It’s shooting game in which you’ll be controlling a dinosaur character. Different levels have different objects, obstacles, and enemies. Some friends will be credited, who’ll be in your team and hence the whole team will fight against enemies and will win over them.

last dinosaurs

Different control is assigned for different tasks. C for shooting, R for reloading. Graphics are nice and catchy ones. Wha I liked the most is its maps and characters. Everything is just awesome. There are a lot of things to collect from the game. Healing packs, new guns, and ammo etc. needs to be collected with time in order to survive.

Play Now: https://goo.gl/Y4rHP3

10. 100 Meter Sprint

Here comes the turn of keyboard busters. There are a lot of gamers who love to press keyboard simultaneously e.g smashing keyboard is their habit. So, for such people, 100 Meter Sprint is a perfect choice. All you need to do is just smash the space key, again and again, to make your character run faster.

100 meter sprint

There’ll be a stopwatch running and when you’ll reach 100 meters, it’ll stop. Telling you the time taken to complete the sprint. Compete with friends and see who is the best keyboard smasher. Graphics are good enough and sound effects are added to the game.

Play Now: https://goo.gl/XGQe8p

Tips and Conclusion

There are a lot of best flash games to try. I’ve given the description of some games here which are completely awesome and played by thousands of gamers on daily basis. I hope you liked the list. But, there are many other things you need to take care of.

Dozens of websites are flash games to its users. You can use any of those websites. But, keep this in mind that you need to enable flash player. Without the flash player, no one can load these browser games. Most times, when we visit flash games websites, a prompt pops up, asking us to enable the Flash player. Just click Allow and your game will load quickly.

If the game isn’t loading, make sure Adobe flash player is installed in your system. Download it from here, it’s completely free software. Drop down your comments and give me suggestions and list of games that you think should be added to the list.

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