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15 Best Pokemon Fan Games You Should Not Miss In 2019

Are you looking for some best pokemon fan games to play this year? If yes, then you might be going to love this article where I have list down 15 Best Pokemon Fan-made Games to play.

I am a huge fan of Pokemon and Love to play games which are based on pokemon. I remember watching my first anime ever, i.e., Pokemon show on my Tv in my childhood. It was a way backstory, but from then I fall in love with animes and Pokemon.

I love to watch every episode that airs on my Tv at that time. I remember even skipping my cricket matches to watch Pokemon shows. You may be going to have, some type of related story of how you fall in love with Pokemon.

I remember when I was a little, a friend of mine showed me a game based on Pokemon. I was so excited to play that game I can still remember that. After that, I have played many games based on the pokemon franchise.

I have also played many Fan-made Pokemon games over the past years. You may also have played some Pokemon fan-made games if you love playing pokemon games.

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best pokemon fan game

Over the past years, there were millions of Fan-made Pokemon Games to play. But as we know, the majority of those games were almost trash. Today this thing still exists. But this also makes some great fan-made games to rise above all.

There are many Fan-made games which are even better than some of the official Pokemon games. You may also have played many great fan-made games till now. In this article, I am trying to put some great fan-made games in a listing order.

All of the fan-made games are good to play. Some games even have some different way of displaying their gameplay. Millions of people have already played most of these games. You may love to play these games over other official pokemon games. The love for playing Pokemon games is not going to end ever for me and as well as for its fans.

Here Are The Top 15 Best Pokemon Fan Game To Play In 2019

  1. Pokemon Insurgence.
  2. Pokemon Advanced Adventure.
  3. Pokemon Reborn.
  4. Pokemon Fusion Generation.
  5. Pokemon 3D.
  6. Pocket Monsters – Crystal Version.
  7. Pokemon Prism.
  8. Pokemon MMO 3D.
  9. Pokemon Brown.
  10. Pokemon Dark Rising.
  11. Pokemon Dragon Stone.
  12. Pokemon Flora Sky.
  13. Pokemon Ash Grey.
  14. Pokemon Snakewood.
  15. Pokemon Quartz.

This list is not in a proper order giving any ratings to any games. There is no rating for these Fan-made pokemon games so you can watch them in any order.

You can also skip any given games if you have already played that game or don’t like to play that game. But I recommend playing or at least trying all of these games once because all of these games are top level games.

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1. Pokemon Insurgence

Best pokemon fan games

Pokemon Insurgence is one of the best Pokemon fan games right now. This game has been played by millions of people worldwide. This game is also very famous and highly rated by other gamers too.

The game has tons of pokemon and has some new features like custom mega evolution. You will be going to fall in love with this game once you played this.

The visual of this game is also very high and beautiful. This game is addicted and fun to play. If you haven’t played any fan-made game yet, then I highly suggest playing this game first. This game also has an entirely new region to explore with some new pokemon.

It also has unique online trading and battling system with your pokemon. Try to get full enjoy while playing this great fan-made pokemon adventure game.

2. Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Pokemon Advanced Adventure

Pokemon Advanced Adventure game is a great game that has a great storyline. When I check this first, I never thought that this game is going to be a fan-made pokemon game. This game looks outstanding to play and has an exciting story adventure in this game.

Our main character comes from a low-income family and wants to become the best pokemon trainer in the world. The story evolves nicely and lets you go on the adventure to become the best pokemon trainer.

Pokemon Advanced Adventure is based on LeafGreen Based game, so if you want to use cheats in this game. Then almost all the tricks that work in LeafGreen based game are also going to work on this game. But I instead suggest playing this game without cheats.

And enjoy the beauty of this game while searching and battling pokemon in this game. If you haven’t played this game yet then go ahead and try it, it is one of the best Pokemon fan games right now.

3. Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn

Pokemon Reborn is an excellent game with a vast region to explore. This game has a massive adventure to explore. This is one of the best Pokemon fan games which is created by Amethyst. This game features all the content through generation 6.

It has more than 720 pokemon to catch and fight with. This game also lets you utilize your terrain condition to fight your opponent. In this massive game, your adventure let you fight with more than 18 types of gym leaders.

This game has some great villains and other characters. This game is fun to play over the full adventure. Sometimes its hard to even believe that this game is a fan-made pokemon game. I highly recommend playing this game if you haven’t played it.

4. Pokemon Fusion Generation

Pokemon fusion generation

Pokemon Fusion Generation is also one of the best Pokemon fan games to play in 2019. In this fan-made game, you can see some new pokemon bread. I mean to say that if you ever wonder what type of pokemon you will get after fusion of Charizard or Pikachu.

Then you might see that fusion in this game. It has a great platform and has excellent gameplay. Overall I am going to recommend playing this fan-made at least for a few times.

This game will let you know what will happen if some pokemon fused together to become a tough or a different Pokemon. I certainly like this game mainly because of the variety that I can check in this game. I always had some thoughts like what if Pikachu has a water gun as one of his power.

Or if Charizard can use Thunderbolt, how much strong he going to be then. I am hoping you also have some of these types of questions too. Then go ahead and play this game and know what will be going to happen with the fusion of pokemon.

5. Pokemon 3D

Pokemon 3d

Pokemon 3D is one of the latest best pokemon fan game right now which is getting popular. Nilllzz initially creates this game. This game concept is based on the Minecraft world. As you already know how good the Minecraft gameplay is, this game also try to give you the same feel.

Pokemon 3d provides a 3D experience of your pokemon in 2d gameplay. Overall the game looks and plays very nicely. If you always wanna to see your favourite Pokemon in a Minecraft style, then this game is for you.

In Pokemon 3d, the gameplay takes place on the strong points of Pokemon gold and pokemon silvers version and after their remakes.

This game gives a nice feeling of those previous versions in a total 3d manner. If you always wonder how Pokemon gold and silver is going to look in 3d, then this game can let you do the same thing.

6. Pocket Monsters – Crystal Version

Pocket Monsters - Crystal Version

Pocket Monsters – Crystal Version is one of the best pokemon fan game to play. This game was one of the hack Rom version of Pokemon Crystal series. This game has mainly similar design and gameplay as Pokemon Crystal has.

The one thing about this series that is great is that it’s still available to play. You can again play this game which is one of the best game on its rising time, fightings with official game Crystal version.

7. Pokemon Prism

Pokemon prism

Pokemon Prism was a Rom hack for Pokemon Crystal game. It is still one of the best pokemon fan game to play. Koolboyman created this game. The storyline of this game takes place in the region of Naljo. This game has 253 pokemon in the Pokedex.

On December 21, 2016, Nintendo sends cease order on this game which stops further production of this game. But an anonymous person updates its new version again. Overall this game is thrilling to play, and I strongly recommend you to play this game for once.

8. Pokemon MMO 3D

Pokemon mmo 3d

Pokemon MMO 3D is one of the latest and best pokemon fan game to play. This game gives you real-time combat feature. This game also has an online battling system that let you fight your friends online.

The game has a vast community, and the best part that I like this game is its regular updates. This game has some beautiful and fast consistent updates. In my opinion, if you genuinely want to play any pokemon fan game, then this is possibly the best choice to play.

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9. Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown is old but still one of the best pokemon fan game to play. This game was released in 2004 as Rom hack for Pokemon Red. This game also provides mainly used three simple pokemon to choose i.e. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

The game almost similar to pokemon red and introduce a new category Gas type over Poison type pokemon. The gameplay of this game is good and at the end, you also have to fight with elite 4 who are very strong.

10. Pokemon Dark Rising

Pokemon Dark

Pokemon Dark Rising is also one of the nice and best pokemon fan game to play. This is also a Rom Hack version for Pokemon FireRed Series. Soon this game becomes very popular and many players start playing it.

This game provides you with some different plot than usual, you gonna see in pokemon games. You have to defeat 7 demon lords in order to win the game.

11. Pokemon Dragonstone

Pokemon Dragonstone

Pokemon Dragonstone is one of the finest and best pokemon fan game to play. This game was released in 2012 and is created by Alextherose. This game is one of the earliest fan-based RPG. The game is a hack Rom version of famous game call Pokemon Ruby.

This game after its released become very popular and make a vast pokemon game lovers community. The second part of this game is also has released so if you have finished playing this game check its second part too.

12. Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky is another best pokemon fan game to play. If you like playing pokemon emerald version then you definitely gonna like this game. This game is the Hack Rom of the game emerald version. It has the almost same feature as you can find in emerald version.

It consists of pokemon from generation 4 or 5. The game has a beautiful combination of new and old pokemon in its gameplay. I suggest playing this game if you want to see some 4th or 5th generation pokemon in a game.

13. Pokemon Ash Grey

Pokemon Ash Grey

Pokemon Ash Grey is one of the old and best pokemon fan game to play. The game lets you play the whole story of the season in just one game. You can feel the story moving on while playing this game.

If you are a person, who loves to play pokemon games which provide raw story than this is the best game for you. This game is a little old now, but it still gives the feel of a new pokemon game.

14. Pokemon Snakewood

Pokemon Snakewood

Pokemon snakewood is also one of the best pokemon fan-made game to play in 2019. The game is rich with new content if anyone looking for an original story or pokemon. This game is a dark type horror version of the pokemon game.

In this game, pokemon of Blue and Red are joint, and the player can perform some great unseeing actions in this game. If you are looking for the pokemon game with some horror blood type platform, then this is the game that you are looking for.

15. Pokemon Quartz

Pokemon Quartz

Pokemon Quartz is a great pokemon fan game that still entertains all the people around the world. There might be some questions in your mind when you are going to play this game. This game doesn’t have some unique pokemon or region.

It doesn’t have any secret mission to accomplish or some more things like that. The one best thing about this game is that every pokemon in this game has its personality. It’s a significant factor, and you should try to see what it feels to play these type of games.


That’s it guys, and these are one of the few best pokemon fan game to play. Some of these games you might play in your system. But some may not work due to old specs requirement. But we have to appreciate these developers who make these awesome games for us.

Some of these games are Hack Rom, but some are genuinely made to entertain us. I highly recommend you guys to at least play these games once in your lifetime if you are a pokemon fan.

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My friends and I played these games, and they are fantastic to play with. I hope this list was good enough for you to know the best pokemon fan game. Comment down below to let me know which is your favourite game is?

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