15 Best Sites Like Steam For Buying Cheap Games

Best sites like steam

When it comes to gaming clients for pc games, Steam is by far the most used site. Steam is known for its vast library of games and the support that it provides for many gamers across the world. It is the largest digital distribution of games across the world and represents 18% of Global Pc games sales. So, therefore, today, I have come up with the best sites like Steam to buy cheap games.

Steam is one of my personal favorite sites to buy games for pc. It brings so many things to pc that a few decades ago was never heard of. Even though Steam is used by millions of users worldwide, it still has its cons. Whether you are looking for an alternative of Steam or just want to check better sites than steam for pc games, you gonna love this list of top sites.

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In this list, I am going to list gaming launchers like steam and gaming clients like steam. Not only that I am also going to list down similar sites like steam which provides digital gaming keys for steam and other gaming clients. It will make easy for you to choose which is better for you. Here are the best sites like Steam to buy cheap games.

Best Sites Like Steam For Buying Cheap and Free Games

1. G2A

Sites like Steam

G2A is one of the best sites like Steam which provides cheap gaming keys. If you are looking for a site that provides cheap pc games to buy then use G2A. I know some of you don’t like G2A and I get it. A lot of people can get scammed if they don’t check the seller’s ratings. But that’s the thing if you carefully check the seller’s ratings then you can get an awesome deal on your favorite game for a very little amount.

The site also has other platforms games to buy too. You can purchase the most affordable games key from this site. It is loved by millions of users worldwide. The cheap price and awesome combo deals on this site make it one of the best gaming key site right now. You can also check similar games like G2A if you want to find cheap games selling sites.

2. itch.io


itch.io is one of the best gaming clients like steam for pc games. This site has a lot of free games to try and play. Not only that this is best for buying games too. It mostly shares the profit that you spend to charity so If you can then donate on this site by buying games. But it only offers a few indie games to play compared to steam.

It also allows users to pay whatever you like for a game. It makes much easier to access the game for those who are short on cash. Not only that that site is also good at providing some incredibly fun games to play. If you are an explorer who loves to try out new games then this site is for you. It provides so many new indie games to play which makes it the best for indie games for pc.

3. GOG (Good Old Games)

Sites Like steam

GOG is another great alternative to the Steam client. This site is a very popular site that provides many free and premium games to buy from one place. This site is similar to steam as it provides the same functionality as steam. This is one of the best Gaming launchers right now besides Steam.

The good thing about this site is its gaming library. It’s not huge in comparison to Steam but is very large if you compare it to other gaming clients. The site also provides games at sales and there are also some exclusive titles to play on this site. But the site isn’t as big as other gaming clients sites in terms of popularity and big game titles.

4. Epic Games Store

Epic Games

If you have played Fortnite than you definitely know about Epic Game store. While Fortnite craze is getting down nowadays, Epic Game Store is getting bigger and popular day by day. This is a site that is very similar to Steam. It also offers many games to choose from and not only that it is a gaming launcher just like steam.

The store is relatively new in gaming clients and it looks very tiny in comparison to Steam. But overall this Store is very promising and can grow large over the years. It still provides some big game titles like Fortnite, Red Dead Redemption 2 and more. If you like playing Fortnite than you will love this store as it has similar games to play. This is definitely one of the best sites like Steam for gaming launcher right now.

5. Gamivo


Gamivo is another great site like Steam but is mostly similar to G2A. This site also provides cheap gaming keys for the user for multiple platforms. Not only that I personally feel the price games are on this site are one of the cheapest right now. This is a rising digital key selling site that has huge discounts on many big game titles.

The site is loved by thousands of people worldwide and if you want a secure and very cheap place to buy digital gaming keys than Gamivo is the right place. The site has many games library to buy from. You can also pre-order upcoming games on this site and most of the time it also offers a discount on the newly launched games. For cheap gaming keys, this site is better than the steam site.

6. UPlay


UPlay is another big dog in the gaming launchers industry. This is one of the best gaming launchers like steam for pc games right now. But there is a catch. This site only has few games to play and mostly UbiSoft’s own games and its partner’s games that make this store’s library very tiny. Well in terms of numbers, right now while I am writing this article, this store only has games less than 400 (exactly 368).

There is also a membership program on this store allowing the user to play big game titles called Uplay Plus. And in Uplay plus there are only 112 games right now. This might change in the future but I am not hoping a big jump in numbers. But one this is clear that if you like Ubisoft games than you gonna love this site. It has great games for gamers all across the world.

7. Cdkeys


Cdkeys is another gaming clients like Steam to provide cheap Pc games to buy. It not just only offers games for pc but also offers gaming keys for other platforms like PS4, 3ds and more. The site is trusted by millions of users worldwide because it has some of the offers and deals on popular games titles. If you are looking to buy games than give this site a try.

Cdkeys sales on holidays are well known for their jaw-dropping deals. You sometimes get up to 70% off on some popular games keys. If you are looking to buy pc games then this site is definitely worth considering. It is a similar gaming client like Steam to provide cheap gaming keys. The trust score of this site is very high so you can easily buy games from this site without any worry.

8. Humble Bundle Store

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a well-known site for providing cheap pc games at a great price. It is another great site similar to steam to provide pc games keys. A lot of games on different platforms can be purchased either individually or in a bundle. The price of the bundle is awesome as you can get a lot for spending only a few bucks.

This site also provides a monthly subscription that allows the user to get a free game of the month on this site. The free games can be more than 2 sometimes. Not only that there are also other benefits to that but I won’t gonna talk about them. The main thing about this site is its great deals on the games bundle. You can also offer money to charity through this site. Overall this is a great alternative to Steam if you buying a game at a cheap price.

9. Origin

Sites like steam

Origin is one of the best gaming launchers like Steam for PC games. This site provides a number of games owned by EA to play. If you like playing FIFA then Origin for you. You not just going to play games owned by EA but it also provides other partners games too. It makes this site game library bigger by doing that.

You can find popular newly launched games on this site to play. There will be some exclusive titles that only available for Origin to play too. Overall this is a great gaming client like steam to purchase and play popular pc games. There are also some free titles too. But in the end, if you like EA then go for it but judging by their reputation it makes it harder to recommend their ecosystem.

10. Instant Gaming

Sites like g2a

Instant Gaming is a very popular digital gaming key site like Steam but with a huge library and huge discounts. This site is a very popular site to buy games online as it has most of the games that you wanna buy at a very low price. The site is trusted by millions of people worldwide.

This site is for people who value money. Totally, this site got your cover every time you want to buy a new game. The site has top-level ratings in terms of security and legitness. If anyhow you got in any trouble, Instant gaming customer service is also top-notch. You will not gonna feel betrayed by anyone if you buy games from here.

11. Windows Store

Sites like steam

Windows Store is a great gaming client like steam which provides top pc games to play on your window. This store previously didn’t have many games to play as Microsoft didn’t feel prioritizing pc Games before. But nowadays the Windows Store offers a lot of games and apps for users. It’s still not as big as Steam but it still worth to check it out.

There is also some spectation about bringing Xbox games to windows Pc. After this, you can truly feel the games you always like on your PC. This is probably the best alternative to Steam on PC right now. The store is getting bigger and also got some exclusive titles. So you should really visit your Windows Store now.

12. Amazon Store

Sites like Steam

Amazon Also offers many pc games keys to sells just like steam. It also offers many Steam keys as well as other launchers games like Origin, Uplay, Epic Games and more. Moreover that sometimes the Amazon store offers the best deal on some newly released games. There are also some really great deals on popular games titles too.

The price of the games on this site is usually great. It’s not the cheapest place for you to buy games but it’s most likely the faithful site to buy anything from anywhere. This site is one of the best site right now to buy anything. So if you want a trustful client like steam then you know where to look for.

13. Blizzard Store

Blizzard Store

Any list of sites like Steam would be incomplete without Blizzard Store. Blizzard provide some really great games to play online. It has some really big games titles to play in its games library like World Of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone and more. Even though this store has very few games but it is loved by many players around the world.

It has some of the best games to play that people love and has been playing for several years now. The site offers sales on its big titles too. This is one of the most similar gaming clients like steam for pc games. The price of the game on this site is high so make sure to check cheap games on other digital sites like g2a.

14. Buy From Individual Sites

Sites like steam

Some games developer don’t put their games on any game store to download. They rather try and create their own site to provide direct downloads to their games. Sites like steam cut a percentage of the sale happen in their store. To not get lost from this, the developer usually chooses to sell their games on individual sites.

Most of the time the developer lowers the price for the consumer as they don’t have to pay any other third-party client. So, therefore, we as the consumer get a great deal. But usually, I have found that other sites that sell digital goods provide a much better price than their own site. But sometimes, developers can put sales on their game which makes them more cheaper and better to purchase.

15. Bethesda Store

Bethesda Store

Well on the last place on this list is Bethesda Store. This is not a popular gaming launcher like steam but it does have some really decent games to play. Bethesda is the same company that have to make your Skyrim game. You can also check similar games like Skyrim if you are interested in these types of games.

This store is not as popular as other gaming clients on this list. It has very few games to buy as well as it’s not as reliable as steam. But none the less this site offers many great titles from Bethesda to play including Elder Scroll Online. If you like games from Bethesda then you can try this store but I have mostly found that other digital games selling sites provides a much better price than this site.


So there you have it guys, these are the best alternative sites to steam for buying cheap games. There are many sites which are gaming clients and other sites which provide a much better price on games deals. In any way, none of these sites has a large gaming library as Steam site has.

When it comes to the best gaming launcher or clients like steam, I recommend Epic store or itch.io store. Both of these stores provide great deals on game titles. itch.io is a unique site and is my favorite site for indie games. You can also check the best games like factorio if u want to play similar games.

When it comes to the best sites to provide better deals and offers on a gaming key, I like G2A and Instant Gaming. Both of these sites have great collection of games and heavy discounts for users. Make sure to check the seller’s ratings before buying anything. Better the ratings better your chance of good deal.