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15 best sites like steam for cheap pc games In 2021

When it comes to buying PC games, we all are familiar with Steam. Steam is one of the best gaming clients to buy and play games on your PC. But do you know it’s not the only one? There are also great sites like steam to play PC games and even buy Steam Games at very low prices.

Today I have come up with the best site alternatives for Steam that provides games for PC to play. Not only that, Many sites even offer cheap alternatives to buy Steam games at very low prices. So why u should pay more when you can easily buy games at cheap prices.

The amount of games one gaming client offers solely depends on their catalogs or database. But there are no doubts that Steam offers the most amount of PC games to play on your PC. You can play games from high specs PC to some Potato ones. So checking the alternatives is always a wise choice.

Here are the best Sites like Steam for Cheap PC games in 2021

1. G2A

Sites Like Steam

G2A is a very popular gaming cd keys sites like steam to buy games online. It doesn’t offer any clients to play your games at but it supports most of the client’s games to buy like Steam, Uplay, and much more. The price of the games on these sites is surprisingly very low compare to likes of Steam or other gaming clients.

There are few people out there who don’t like using this site cause some of the sellers on this site provide fake keys. So I always gonna recommend that you should only buy games keys or anything from this site only if the seller’s rating is high.

If the seller’s ratings are high and have many reviews then you are good to go. This site has some of the best offers on games and other gaming-related stuff at a very small price. You should definitely give it a try if you wish to buy any of your favorite games. Make sure to check the best sites like G2A for great deals and prices.

2. Uplay

Sites Like Steam

Uplay is another great gaming client like steam to play games on your PC. This site doesn’t have many games like steam have but it has some really awesome games to play. Uplay is owned by Ubisoft company so every game that Ubisoft makes will be available on this gaming client.

Some of the epic games that this store has to offers are Prince of Persia, Rainbow 6, Tom Clancy the division, Assasin’s Creed, Far Cry series, and much more. A lot of great games can be found on this site to play. So if you are not satisfied with Steam then Uplay is a great alternative.

Uplay is loved by many players around the world. There are many great games in its collection so it’s obvious why it is loved by so many players. There are not many games in its store but most of the games in this store are very high quality.

3. Epic Gaming Store

Sites Like Steam

Epic Gaming Store has become one of the biggest competitors for Steam these days. It’s not as big or broad as Steam but it gradually taking many great game deals from steam to launch on their platform. Just like steam, Epic Gaming Store is also a gaming client.

The most famous game that this store has to offer is Fortnite. Yes my friends, unless you living in the stone age, this game has brought Epic gaming store to compete against big giants like Steam and other gaming clients. But you only need to know that there are many games on its catalog to play.

Some of the best games offering on Epic Gaming Store are the Last day of June, Fortnite, Ooblets, Mainland Garden, Super meat boy Forever and much more. Of course, it doesn’t have many games as Steam has(No One has that many) but most of these games are very fun to play so you should give it a try.

4. Gamivo

Sites Like Steam

Gamivo is one of my personal favorite sites alongside with G2A to buy any Steam games online. I play a lot of PC games so this site offers many great price deals on these games. It is a great site to buy games online. The best part I like about this site is its price. It has many games at a very discounted price.

Not only that it also offers Windows Keys at a very low price. The only thing you gonna dislike about it is the fact that you need to pay an extra 1 euro for the customer protection program which G2A offers for free. But let me be honest with you, even buying games without this program is mostly safe.

Most of the games keys on this site are genuine and many players trust this site. Maybe it’s the trust and low price of games that this site is growing rapidly. You should definitely try this site for great gaming deals if you are interested to buy.

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Sites Like Steam

GOG.COM is another gaming clients like steam to play games on your PC. To be honest there isn’t a huge list of top exclusive games on this site but there are many games which you can find on both clients. Sometimes some games are more discounted on this site then steam and sometimes vice versa.

But there is no doubt that it is one of the best gaming clients like steam for PC games. Some of my friends I know love to use GOG more often than steam. When I ask why! Most of them said that games come completely DRM free. Not a big reason to move on but that might be their way of cracking a joke.

Overall this is a great site in my opinion and if you are curious about what is GOG means then it stands for Good Old Games. Try this out if you are looking for alternatives to Steam.

6. Cdkeys

Sites Like Steam

Cdkeys is a very cheap place to buy PC games for steam or other platforms. If you looking for sites with great trust and cheap price then Cdkeys might be a great alternative to steam. You get great deals on many popular games as well as upcoming games to release too.

If you look at the price of maximum games on this site then you gonna see that it doesn’t have the cheapest price on any of the other top sites I have already mentioned on this list but it got very near to cheapest price for everyone. This makes it a great place to buy games if you don’t want to check each and every site individually.

So overall a great place to buy games not just of Steam games but also other platforms like switch or PS4 and Xbox. Give it a try if you don’t wanna hassle yourself looking for the cheapest price all the time. As it’s a very trusted site so you won’t gonna have any problem with your purchase.

7. Battle.Net

Sites Like Steam is a gaming client like Steam and can be considered a type of competition to steam. But in reality, there is no comparison. Steam got a huge collection of top games so even if has great games collection it’s still going to get outshined by Steam.

But as you are looking for similar sites to Steam then might be a great place to play games at. It has a great collection of some really awesome games like World Of Warcraft series, Diablo series, Hearthstone, Overwatch (my Favorite), Starcraft series, and much more.

There are many great games on this site so give it a try if you want to play these games. Many of its games are exclusive so it’s gonna be hard for any of you to find these games at other stores. So many of these games are expensive compare to other sites. But trust me games on this site is totally worth their price.

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Sites Like Steam is probably one of my most favorite sites to buy games. I used probably cause there are many games on this site which are not available on other sites but there are also many games which you won’t gonna find in this store. That said it is a site for indie game lovers.

This site has a huge collection of Indie games to buy and play. Many new Indie game developers post their games on this site and you can also play many of these games for free. If you like the game then you can also support its creator by donating money.

Its collection of games is very fun to play with. But there are many games that are published by developers who are just getting started with this industry. So you might gonna find some badly made games too. But it’s not a big deal and you gonna love its top games to play for sure.

9. Humble Bundle

Sites Like Steam

Humble Bundle is a games selling site that sells games at a cheap and reasonable price. To be honest I like this site a lot even though I have bought a few games from it. But the experience has been great so far. As the name suggests Humble Bundle sells games in a bundle for users to buy.

There is some bundle of games to buy which overall are very great deals to purchase. Not only that you can get your favorite game at a cheap price with additional games as a bonus. I know some of you might think that if it selling games in a bundle then the overall price will be high for your favorite game.

But that’s the best part of this site. There is hardly any bundle offers that feel overpriced. Most of the bundle it sells are made of very similar games or similarly popular games to buy. So you can buy games from here if you like. The number of games to buy might be small but are worth every penny.

10. Mmoga

Sites Like Steam

Mmoga is a great site in my opinion to buy games and digital goods. It’s not like it has the cheapest price for games or something. It does have some games but not overall. It is a great site cause It offers a lot of great deals on the digital currency of many popular games and maybe one of the best prices for EU users.

If you are in the EU countries then this is probably the best site for you. It offers many great deals on games for EU users very cheaply. It’s a trusted site too if you thinking about it. But it has very few games available globally. Moreover, the price of global unit games isn’t that good compare to other sites.

But one thing for sure that if you are looking for games currency to buy at cheaply then no matter where you live this is the best site for you. And if you live in the EU countries then it might be the best site for right now.

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11. Instant Gaming

Sites Like Steam

Instant Gaming is a popular site in North American and part of the European market to buy games at a good price. It doesn’t have a very huge discount on games but the site offers many perks that make it worth your money to buy games from this site.

When it comes to the trust factor, I feel that it is as trustworthy as other top gaming selling sites are. But in general, some players have trust issues with site whereas many players praise this site for its great service. I would gonna suggest that if you going to buy anything just check the sellers’ rating first.

You can also check the reviews of that game key as it is a great way to see if it’s trustworthy or not. By the way, I have 12 purchases so far and none of them are corrupted or I find any other issue. But that’s too small to give full review so make sure to check the sellers rating first.

12. Scdkeys

Sites Like Steam

Scdkeys sounds very familiar to Cdkeys right, at first, I thought the same thing. In reality, it actually does have many similarities like a decent price for games to buy and support multi-platform games to buy. Not only that it also has a similar design in some way or another.

Scdkeys have a pretty high trust score on the Trustpilot site to buy games at. Even though the users aren’t many to give ratings, it still holds a fantastic rating in general. Players love the support team of Scdkeys in overall. But In my point of view if your site has a decent trust score then users can spend a little more on the games to buy.

And that can be seen on Scdkeys site as it provides a decent price for games and good support for players to buy these games. If you don’t want your first gaming key to be illegal then you can try Scdkeys easily. The price of the games can be cheaper but we can’t argue with this, can we?

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13. Kinguin

Sites Like Steam

Kinguin is a well-known site to purchase online pc games key at a low price. There are many cd keys on this site at a great discount to buy. It doesn’t provide the cheapest price but it’s the trust of players around the world that make it a great site to purchase games from.

Kinguin has great trust scores from many users therefore players love to buy games from it. It also has a new user interface to scroll and find your favorite games now. And I love the new look overall. I have been using this site for over 4 years now and can say it’s a very trusted site.

But there are times when the service it provides lacks the reputation it has already made up over the years. Hoping the Kinguin team will solve these minor issues which happening with users quite a lot now. If you just wanted to buy games blindly the go with this site. It’s as close as buying from steam.

14. GamesRocket

Sites Like Steam

GamesRocket is another great site to find some good priced games in most of the regions. In general, I don’t find any game with the cheapest tag on it but I have to say that service from this site wasn’t bad at all. You can buy games at a decent price from here.

But you won’t gonna find any earth-shattering price for any games on this site. I can only say that it supports many regions so you might find a good amount of games in your region to buy. Not only that it also supports a nice collection of payment methods which are always welcome.

Not gonna lie, it didn’t impress me as much as other sites I have mentioned above but it’s a decent site overall. You can say it’s an average site to buy games from multiple platforms. If you wanted a specific game of other platforms then PC, you can try this site as it might have a good price on those games.

15. Amazon Gaming

Sites Like Steam

A lot of you might not know but Amazon site also provides some really great deals on some games to buy. Most of the time they are expensive to buy compare to other sites on this list but if you have any money or cashback left in your Amazon pay account. Why not just buy some new games from it, right.

I like most of the Switch games deals on Amazon to buy cause they are priced at a nice price. Other consoles games are also at a good price to buy. But there are very few PC games at this store to buy hardly at a reasonable price. You can say there aren’t even any good PC games which I can even recommend.

But that few titles, very few, in reality, are much cheaper than other stores in comparison. So it’s up to you if you have trust issues with other online sellers then go with the common Amazon site. After all, we all use it to buy many goods most of the time.

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So there you have it guys, these are the best sites like steam to buy or play games at a discounted price. If you are looking for a similar gaming client then I recommend using Upay or Both have a great collection of games and you might gonna like the indie game developers’ new games.

For people who looking to buy steam games or any other PC games but at a very low price or discounted price, you should definitely check G2A or Gamivo. Both provide great deals and have great value to buy games. If you could save money on your games then what’s wrong with that.

If you like to play games then make sure to check my top games suggestion too. Gaming is fun for me and I hope you like it too. There are also many ways to save money while buying games online. I recommend comparing prices before you start buying any games. But make sure you trust the site otherwise your key might be in trouble.

Comment down below to let me know which game is your favorite to play? Make sure to tell me which of these sites you like to purchase your games now?

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