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10 Best Games Like Celeste To Play In 2020

When it comes to platforming games, Celeste is a game that shook me by surprise on how great it is. There is no doubt that this is one of the best platform games out there right now. If you like playing Celeste then I am pretty sure you also gonna love these best games like celeste with similar addictiveness.

Celeste has some of the best-detailed platforms I have seen lately. And the amount of details on this game is superb. Moreover, the music of this game is epic in my opinion. It sets you so well that you like enjoying and clearing difficult levels easily. If you think you want something similar in feeling to play then don’t worry.

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Today I have come up with the best list of games that provides a similar experience to Celeste and are great games on their own. Most of these games are unique, addicted, and fun to play. If you wanted to experience something new and similar then give these games a try.

Here are the best games like Celeste to play in 2020

1. Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is by far one of the best games like Celeste out there. This is one of the best games out there which can be recommended to anyone. It is not as easy at the start as Celeste but if you stuck around with this game, which I definitely recommend.

You will see how beautiful and masterpiece this game is. Ori and the Blind Forest has won so many hearts and awards that it’s hard to remember everyone now. This game is full of puzzles and adventures for you to discover. The feeling of completing a hard task is something can’t be described in words.

This is by far the most recommended game for anyone who is looking for great Metroidvania-style games. If you are looking for a game that can be recommended for anyone then this is the best game for you. Make sure to stick around with the game to enjoy full of it.

2. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a classical 2D art style adventure game to play. This game is also one of the best games like Celeste out there right now. Like Ori and the Blind Forest game, this game is also in its own league. It’s actually hard to compare these epic games with each other cause every game has its own specialty.

The artwork of Hollow Knight is so great that you fell in love so easily. The way how the game works is just incredible. There are very few games that become hard to criticize and the Hollow knight is one of them. If you want a masterpiece like the Celeste to play then you must play Hollow Knight, once.

This game Rated very High in all around the gaming community. If you want to play a masterpiece game then Hollow Knight is made for you. If you like playing Steam games then do check out the best sites like Steam for buying games at very high discounts.

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3. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The birth of Isaac Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a game with many things to look for. This is not a game where you lose and start the same old quest to complete. This game is more than that. True, you have to clear all the levels in the game but that can all be done in a completely different way.

It’s not the best game similar to Celeste but playing this game makes it feel like it. It is one of the best games to lighten up your heart. Your heart will feel great after playing this game for sure. The game is about a small crying child who is running to survive in the game where his mother is trying to kill him. 

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It might sound dark but it’s actually opposite to that. You play this game as a traumatized child, destroying the poop monster with your crying. Every time you die you get experience in how to deal with these monsters. If you wanna play a fun game without thinking about logic then give this game a try. It’s totally worth it.

4. Noita


Noita is another wonderful design game out there for you to play. It is a similar game like Celeste and has many things to love about. I am not gonna lie but this game is a difficult game. If you have played Celeste then you will surely gonna miss the easiness of celeste game.

It is a difficult game and now and then you might curse some word but you never gonna leave this incredible game from playing. It is a great game that hooks you with its great magical action gameplay. Your adventure in the game and this game is a roguelike genre mainly. 

If you have played Binding of the Issac then you may know what to expect. The game is addicted and the sound and graphics make it even more awesome. If you are a type of guy who loves to play games with difficulty and interest then this game is made for you.



GRIS is another Platform adventure game on this list with great graphics and highly addicting gameplay. You not only gonna love how beautiful its graphics are but also gonna be in love with its great adventure. It is rated 9 or above 9 in most of the Rating sites.

GRIS is a prime example of similar games like Celeste which offers highly addicting gameplay with a very good storyline in the Platform based games genre. This game is one of my favorite Platform based game so I hope you give it a try. You won’t gonna regret it I promise.

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This is one of the most beautiful design games out there. You will gonna fall in love with those graphics and art styles of how the game behaves and all. I love the way how story works and the way how art changes. It’s a treat to eyes to play this game. I highly recommend this game to anyone.

6. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is by far the best games like Celeste on Nintendo Switch to play. This game is praised for many aspects but particularly for its unique gameplay. This game is also similar to Celeste in terms of design and genre.

But more importantly, the way how you play the game and how storyline works sets this apart from any other platform games. This game is also available for multiple platforms like PC, Switch, Xbox, PS4, and more. There are some incredible soundtracks with this game.

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For anyone who looking for the same genre game as Celeste but for Switch platform then this is the best game for you. If you wanna play this on your PC then you can do that too. It’s a great game in general and doesn’t have that much difficulty as other games on this list so make sure to give it a try.

7. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is the latest edition of Ori and the Will in 2020. This game picks up the expectation of Ori and the Will and mostly proved everyone happy. It is a great successor for Ori and Will, I say for sure as it has great looking graphics with beautifully design gameplay.

If you look at this game series you will gonna notice how much effort the developers put in making details of the game. You never gonna felt that you are playing a cheap or low spec game. The way how this game work is marvelous.

Do let me know in the comment section if you guys also wanna know about what type of gameplay you can play in these types of games. And if you are a gamer but can’t play regular games on pc then make sure to check out the best games like Free Fire for the smartphone. It’s a great way to pass the time.

8. Katana ZERO

Katana ZERO

Katana ZERO another new and highly addicted Action platform game to play on this list. This is an incredible game as its a 2D action platform game so it doesn’t require you to have very high specs in your PC. This game has a lot of action going on.

The difficulty level of this game is also high and sometime you might get frustrated like me. But none the less the way how this game mechanics works as well as the action of the game makes it worth your try. It is a very addicting game and you will prefer it’s storyline too.

Katana ZERO is a great alternative for Celeste if you want a similar game to play. Both game action and easy to learn nature make you appreciate the developer’s efforts. It’s a great game to play and has very high Rating considering the fact that it’s one of the newest titles on this list, that’s very impressive.

9. Dead Cells

Dead cells

Dead Cells is a great game and one of the best alternatives to Celeste. This game is a great game for people who like to play an action-packed game. This game has very High Ratings and when you gonna start playing you will know for why. It’s an action-packed game with a great storyline to cover.

I don’t usually do nitpicking about any cons about a game if its a masterclass. Therefore you can say my list of these games doesn’t include many cons for these games. But this is a list of top games, not a review so I hope you will understand. 

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Moreover, every game that I have listed on this list is a masterpiece on its own. If you like Celeste then you have already know how great a game it is. So it’s also only fair to provide you guys with games that are as good and unique as Celeste. So I highly recommend you guys play any of the listed games on this post.

10. Moonlighter


Moonlighter is more like Stardew valley game then Celeste in terms of gameplay. But there are some similarities to both these games. In case you missed it moonlighter is a great game but not about farming. This game is more of a like RPG game then farming game as it’s put you in an adventure.

Moonlighter is one of my favorite games of all time from my perspective. If you always wanna play a game that suits you all the time then this game is for you. It’s not a difficult game if you choose to play easy mode. You can select which difficulty you wanted to play this game at.

Just like Celeste this game is also very addicted in my view. It is a great game and loved by many players. Once you start playing it, you won’t gonna let go of this game. So I highly recommend giving this game a go as it is one of the best games out there. You can also check games like Moonlighter to know what game gonna suit you best.


So there you have it guys these are the best games like celeste in 2020 for everyone to play. Most of these games are epic in their own way. To be fair this isn’t right to compare all these games. Most of these games are very good and unique in their own way.

So if you want to play any one of these games then feel free to try. Some of these games are also available for Switch and PS4. If you ask me then I’ll recommend playing Ori and the Blind Forest as well as the Hollow Knight. Both games have many similarities to Celeste.

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Comment down below to let me know which game you like the most from this list.

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