Games Like Factorio – Top 10 Best Similar Games In 2020

Games Like Factorio

Are you done playing Factorio with all its mods till now? And looking for similar games like Factorio? Then today, I am gonna show some of the best Games like Factorio which are very similar to Factorio but also have their own unique concepts.

Factorio is a very special game for all the players who have played it. The game has beautiful gameplay and many players love its storyline. My favorite part about this game is that there are tons of Mods out there for this game to be explored by you.

If you haven’t checked Factorio mods yet then be sure to check them out. This game has many points that make it so enjoyable. The game is a complex, self-sustainable, real-time system that is short of fixable whenever you want. You can move and change the buildings in the game as you want.

This game has set the bar too high for any other games to give it any competition. The game is a very good game to play.  I have to say it is soo good that the games listed on this list are also not as good as the Factorio game. But all of these games have their own addiction fact that makes you stick to your pc all the time.

Here are the Best Games Like Factorio In 2020 for rich gameplay.

1. Rimworld


Rimworld is a very well known game around the gaming community and it is one of the closest games to resemble the same game experience as Factorio. This game has become very popular in just a small amount of time.

The game is easy to pick but hard to master which many beginners gamers are gonna love to play. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing your first or 100th games, the gameplay makes you excited each and every time you play this game.

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It features mostly the same core features as Factorio, so you are going to find some similarities in the game. Do remember that the gameplay story is totally different. This is one of the best building games like Factorio for pc to play right now. So I highly recommend you to play this game.

2. Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included is a beautiful base building game that has huge potential to become your favorite game after your first play. It is considered one of the most similar games to Factorio in many ways. The gameplay follows as you need to survive deep inside space alien rock.

Where your crew needs control over science and overcome a different kind of new lifeform and a bunch of more stuff. You will know more when you gonna play it. I have played it for a short amount of time but I have to say the game is pretty incredible and has the potential to be one of the best.

The gameplay of the game might be a little different but the core items like building stuff, moving, learning and more are the same as Factorio. It is a well-rounded game in my opinion as many of this game’s players highly recommend this game to play. So make sure to check it out if you are looking for the real stuff.

3. Mindustry


Mindustry is a hybrid tower defense sandbox game to play in 2019. I know that it doesn’t make this game similar to Factorio but the game has many good points that let it me to put it in this list. The game is a highly addicted game overall.

The gameplay lets you create elaborate chain functions to provide ammo to your tower, produce materials to use building, and you need to defend your base from the enemies. The gameplay is simple but addictive. You gonna play and play the game more as you spend time with this.

Not only that you can also play with your friend as the game allows cross platforms gameplay. More importantly, this game is also available for Android users that makes it one of the best android games like Factorio to play. This is a unique game overall. So make sure to check out as it differs from other tower defense games a lot.

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4. Satisfactory


Satisfactory is definitely one of my favorite games on this list. This game has been mentioned many times on many forums whenever it comes to alternatives to Factorio. And after playing this for double-digit hours I have to say, I feel where they come from. The game features a lot of features similar to Factorio in many ways.

The game features like 1st person open-world experience which has been deployed very impressively. I love the way it feels to play this game. For starters, you play the game as an engineer on an alien planet. After that you got the task to harvest this new planet.

You explore the planet for new resources and tools whereas your factory remains working. You can do a ton of stuff in the game. The game is only available on the Epic Games Store. If you are interested in playing the game now then better download epic game launcher.

5. Factory Town

Factory Town

Factory Town is considered one of the top game which has similarities to Factorio on Pc. The game is not very old for a big player’s community but the people who play this game definetly recommend it. My friend plays this game a lot and the whole review is also done by him here.

The game is more similar to OpenTTD than Factorio but has many core features which relate to both of these games. You try hard to keep your village happy all the time. You gonna find the same resources collection as Factorio has in some cases in this game.

The game has potential and as the game is not as big as other titles here some people might doubt its gameplay and features. But as mentioned, the game is rich with features and easy to play for anyone. So try this game once if you want the same old taste.

6. City Skylines

City Skylines

City Skylines might be the best city builder game right now you can try. The game is loved by many players around the world. The game has a core functionality similar to the other games. This is by far one of the best games like Factorio on PS4 to play.

The game available multiple platforms and gives a little vibe of Factorio in its gameplay. That said, you can play this game for hours and still won’t get bored. This game is rated very high on many top game rating sites. It lets you get interested in many things which you might not be interested in real life.

You act as a mayor in the game and build, manage, corporate other neighbors’ cities to make it better. Truly fun in all together. If you are not into these types of games then you must try this game once. I bet you gonna think twice about your idea after this.

7. OpenTTD


OpenTTD is a game where you try to earn money by doing the usual stuff like transporting passengers through rail, water, and air. The pc version of the game is better than its mobile version. The game is loved by many players for its straightforward game approach and the freedom to do a lot of things simultaneously.

This game lets you learn a lot about economy and politics if you are interested. Well, I know its a made-up story but many people who don’t like this genre of games change their opinion after playing this game.

So who are you gonna find the easter egg in this game? The basics and the gameplay of the game are very good. If you are interested the game is also available for android too. But the pc version is better in my opinion. So make sure to try this game once.

8. Infinifactory


Infinifactory is a great game from the puzzle genre where you try to make complex machines from the block-based factory components. The game has infinite possibilities as the title suggests. You can create whatever you want but there are also tasks to complete in the game.

The core mechanics are similar to Factorio but this game is mostly similar to Minecraft. Did I mention the game also has a dark comedy? Game mods can help you achieve even more. This game may look a simple plain game from outside but from inside once you start playing you can’t stop playing.

This game has a different type of genre but somehow the core gameplay has some similarities. You surely going to find many interesting things inside the game. Go ahead and play this once. You will know whether or not it deserves its top ratings or not.

9. Minecraft (Sort of)


The next on our list is the classic one Minecraft. Ok ok, I know Minecraft is not what you looking for. But I am not talking about the official and the old Minecraft here. There are a lot of mods out there for Minecraft which makes this similar to Minecraft.

Truth be told I haven’t played any mods yet. Regarding its gameplays or other stuff but I have seen many players saying and rating mods how good they are. So if you want to check it out by yourself then you can check this post on Reddit where a user has discussed how you can get the same experience from the Minecraft Mods.

But make sure to look further down for the right comment. You might also gonna mind more game suggestions from other players too on that post. Back to the topic, the mods are something that can actually change a lot of things so I obviously gonna recommend you to try.

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10. Prison Architect

Prison Architect

Prison Architect is a management and construction focus game with very high ratings across all platforms. This is probably one of the best games like Factorio on Switch to play right now. By the way, you can also play this game on the window if you don’t have Switch.

You can’t play this game like any other management game. You need to satisfy the need of the prisoner but that doesn’t mean everything is ok. After all, this is a prison, no one wants to be there even if you satisfy their needs. So these facts make this game even more exciting to play.

The game is a masterpiece in many players’ opinions. This is one of those game which you never gonna regret playing. You always gonna be looking for new ways in the game or complaining about why this is so addictive. So I highly recommend this game if you want to experience a blast of fun in a game.


So there you have it guys, these are some of the best games you can play to get a similar experience like Factorio. But honestly, there is no game other than Factorio which can match the exact experience. You can play multiple Factorio mods which made this game more enjoyable than before.

Other than that, Rimworld and Satisfactory are some of my personal favourites on this list, which I think has a lot to offer. There are also some switch games like Factorio but I couldn’t find one which is better than these games. But you can always search for them.

Make sure to try any of these games to get the same experience as the Factorio game. If you are looking to buy games cheap then I recommend checking out the best sites G2a for cheap games. The price of the games is nearly half on some sites here.

Comment down below to let me know which game you like the most?

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