Games Like Free Fire – Top 10 Android Games In 2019

Games like Free Fire

Free Fire game, is it just a simple game? Or a way for many players to Live their life? Well, we all know its a game but not just a game for everyone. There are few players who love playing Free Fire daily. So if you are a player who is one of those Free Fire lovers than you gonna love these games like free fire for your smartphone.

Today I have come up with the top 10 games which are very similar to Free Fire game. This list also has some really great games which have their own unique identity.

Most of the players who want the same experience as Free Fire have ended up downloading some very floppy games from the Play Store.

So if you don’t wanna end up with downloading any type of floppy games, I suggest downloading these great Free Fire alternatives games.

Best Games Like Free Fire To Download For Android Devices In 2019.

1. PUBG Lite

pubg lite

PUBG Lite is the smaller version of the famous PUBG game on android. This game is a well-known game these days. PUBG Lite is much more similar to Free Fire than the PUBG game. It’s because of its small size.

The game has very good graphics on small specs phones too. The game works fine with most of the smartphones out there. There is also no need for bigger RAM requirements.

This game has around 60 players instead of 50 in Free Fire. The Health and the equipment are also similar to Free Fire but mostly similar to PUBG. But for anyone looking for the best alternative to Free Fire, then PUBG Lite is the best right now.

2. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS is one of the smallest size good quality battle royale game on Android to play right now. This game is a very good game to play with very minimum specs phone required.

The game works as a blocky pixel game so you might need some time to adjust to this game. It has many great guns and equipment in the game to have more fun.

Players who are bound due to low RAM or low specs smartphones can easily choose this game to take enjoy of playing a good battle royale game. Overall the game is very fun to play with very quick matches.

3. PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is a very well known game. This is one of the battle royale game for android to play. The game has many features and modes to play with.

There are many players who hate this game and also many players who love this game. But nonetheless, this is a very exciting game to play.

This game takes a lot of resources on your smartphone so you need a decent phone to play this game comfortably. You also need a decent amount of RAM to play this game.

4. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call OF duty

Call Of Duty: Mobile doesn’t need any introduction to any PC players. But if you are a mobile gamer then let me tell that this game is going to launch soon on Android to give competition to PUBG and Free Fire.

This is a very good game and has really great graphics. The time you are reading this article, this game might have already been launched.

This game is developed by Tencent which is also the maker of the PUBG game. So you can expect a really great FPS experience in this game. This game hasn’t launched in many countries but it has got really great ratings.

5. Fortnite


Fortnite is a well-known game across all the top gaming platforms. The mobile version of Fortnite is also very good to play a battle royal game.

The mechanics of this game are a little bit different than the free fire game. You can expect more from this game. The interesting thing about this game is that it’s not available on the Play store to download.

You can download this game APK from other stores or from its official websites. But this game is very specs demanding. So  If you got any lower-spec smartphone than better play other games.

6. Pixel’s Unknown Battleground

Pixel's Unknown Battleground

Pixel’s Unknown Battleground is a very exciting battle royale game. The game is a small size game perfect for low spec smartphone users.

The mechanics of the game is very similar to Free Fire game like you drop, find items, kill, survive and win the game. The game provides many weapons to choose from and there is even In game drops to loot.

For anyone who has low specs smartphone with 1 GB RAM or less than that RAM, you can choose to play this game. The players in the game are low but the matches are quick and interesting to play.

7. Rules of Survival

Pixel's Unknown Battleground

Rules of Survival is a great high spec demanding battle royale game similar to Free Fire. The game consists of different maps, different modes and much more for great fun.

This game is one of the earliest Battleroyal games for Android smartphones. The graphics of this game are pretty nice. Overall the game is very smooth and has nice servers to give nice In-game Pings.

But be warned this game is not for low specs smartphones as Free Fire is. The game is smooth for a high and mid-spec smartphone to play.

8. BattleLand Royale

Battleland Royale is a very fun game to play. The game is a very light game to play. The size of the game is very small and you can play this game at a very low spec game easily.

The game is played by millions of players around the world. The game mechanics allow you to play the game with 32 other players. The last man standing wins the game.

If you are looking for a lite game like Free Fire then this is by far one of the best games to play. The matches are very quick and can be played in your free time.

Note: Make sure to check best games like Skyrim as well as the best games like moonlighter for great RPG experience.

9. Knives out

Knives out is a simple battle royale game for androids to play. The game has many great weapons to choose from. The game mechanics are mostly the same as Free Fire.

But the game has very poor reviews. The game has too many bugs and has overload servers. The game needs to fix many things to become a good game.

In my opinion, I don’t recommend playing this game for your sake. Cause it has a lot of bugs so you better play other games.

10. is a great low spec game to play in a 50 vs 50 games. The game is filled with many actions and weapons.

You can play this game solo, duo, and squad. The game has a very interesting format to play in. You most likely going to love this if you like playing Free Fire. Make sure to check out the best games like factorio too for nice pc game experience.

The game works with most of the low specs smartphones so you gonna love it for sure. Make sure to invite your friends too to play this game because battle royale feels better with friends.


Free Fire is a lite battleground game for androids. This game is loved by many players around the world. If you want a familiar game then all of the given games are very good to play.

If you have a low spec smartphone and are looking for a lite battleground game then you can play and Pixel’s unknown battleground.

But if you are not bound with any specs, then I recommend playing Fortnite or PUBG game to get great fun from a battleground game.