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10 Best Games Like Jailbreak For Roblox & PC In 2022

When it comes to playing breaking off the prison then jailbreak is a very fun Roblox game to play. The game has different aspects to choose whether you wanna stop crime or wanna create the crime. It’s up to you what to play. Even though the concept of the game is great but now many better and more creative games have come up. Therefore today I wanna show you the best games like a jailbreak for Roblox as well as for your PC.

Jailbreak was at one point a great and very active game. millions of players had played this game monthly but the game has declined in popularity nowadays. But there are still players like you and me who like to play this game from time to time.

There are also players who like this game at one point but now want something more. If you are one of them then don’t worry I have you covered. I have given top similar games which have similar and unique gameplay just like Jailbreak or even better.

Here are The Best Games like Jailbreak To Play In 2021

1. Mad City

Mad city

Mad City is can be considered one of the best games like Jailbreak in 2021. It can be titled as the best successor to the JailBreak game. It has the same concept of the game with better gameplay and a better storyline. If you wanna play any Roblox game then you should definitely try this game out. Overall very similar to Jailbreak with better things to look forward to.

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Pros of Mad City game are:

  1. Mad City has the same concept as Jailbreak and it also adds more features to play with.
  2. The game is considered the successor of Jailbreak so you can look at great things from it.

2. Prison Life

prison life

Prison Life is another great game similar to the Jailbreak game to play. This game was very popular before Jailbreak arrive as it has the same concept as Jailbreak. You can also say Jailbreak copy the prison life concept. But that doesn’t matter as Jailbreak becomes a great game with this concept and even though there are some things different than Jailbreak in Prison Life but you can still feel the Prison Life as it’s still a great option to play.

Pros of Prison Life game are:

  1. Prison life has the same concept as Jailbreak but it is even an older game.
  2. It is a great alternative with the original gameplay as we wish from a game.

3. The Wild West

the wild west

The wild west is a great Roblox game and can be considered as one of the best games like the Jailbreak game. The game has many things to provide in an RPG style. The game looks different and the gameplay is also different but many things in the game are similar to Jailbreak. You explore many things use different kinds of guns and feel the game in a new way.

Pros of The Wild West game are:

  1. The game is loved by many players for its RPG-style gameplay which provides a unique experience.
  2. The wild west game allows you to explore swamps, deserts, grassland, and more.

4. Redwood Prison

Redwood prisons

Redwood Prison is one of the top games like Jailbreak game to play. The game is having a role-playing genre that also includes prison aspects. It is a pretty popular game and is loved by many. It is a Roblox game and it also has tasks in it perform related to prison. Although it’s not completely a prison game, it’s still a great game for you to play.

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Pros of the Redwood Prison game are:

  1. Redwood Prison game is loved by many users for its prison aspects similar to the Jailbreak game.
  2. This game allows you to do many things in the game keeping the role-playing aspects alive.

5. Prison Simulator

prison simulator

Prison Simulator is probably the best PC game like Jailbreak to play right now. I could be wrong but the game is a great game to play. It’s quite a new game released and not many players have played it. But you can play it easily and be confident that it’s a great game and you gonna enjoy it. You play as a prison guard and take measures to maintain order in the prison. All things gonna go wrong so you will be very excited every time of the game.

Pros of Prison Simulator game are:

  1. It is a PC game mainly focus on prison scenarios just like the Jailbreak game.
  2. The Prison Simulator is a great game for you to try if you want something new to experience.

6. Grand Theft Auto V

gta v

Grand Theft Auto V is a very popular PC game and is loved by millions of players around the world. It has many aspects similar to the Jailbreak game. It is a PC game so the graphics are very great and even though I’m mentioning this game here I’m pretty sure most of you have already played it before. But someone few percent people who haven’t played it, what are you guys doing? Play this game right now as you losing a great game.

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Pros of Grand Theft Auto V game are:

  1. GTA V is a game where you can do whatever you want and enjoy fighting with cops and all that great actions.
  2. GTA V is loved by millions of players and it also has an online mode so you will be stuck playing this game forever because of how addicted the game is.

7. Escape Prison Obby!

escape prison obby

Escape Prison Obby! is another great Roblox game and is one of the best games like Jailbreak right now. The game is loved by many for its awesome and unique gameplay. So you are sentenced to 150 years of jail time in the world’s toughest Jail. You don’t think about spending the rest of your life in prison right. Then get up and start planning your jailbreak even though it’s not a Jailbreak game.

Pros of Escape Prison Obby! game are:

  1. The game also revolves around prison where you need to break free.
  2. You will find many similarities with Jailbreak while trying to escape the prison.

8. Escape Siren Cop’s Prison!

Escape siren cop's Prison

Escape Siren Cop’s Prison! is also a Roblox game with great prison gameplay and storylines. This deserves to be on the list of best games like Jailbreak because it also follows the same storyline of prison escaping and getting caught and all.

The theme of the game is not only just prison escape it also involves a horror theme. You could get really scared while playing this game if you are a small heart person. The game has a unique flavor of horror and fun that makes it great to play. You should definitely play this game if you wanna experience great Roblox games similar to Jailbreak.

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9. Prison Architect

Prison architect

Prison Architect is another PC game listed on this list of similar games like Jailbreak. This game is a strategy-based game and has its own unique gameplay. If you like prison settings games like Jailbreak then you gonna find this game amusing too. It’s loved by many users and it’s been around for quite some time now. You make your prison and with every action, you end up with something consequences. A real fun game overall for prison settings lovers.

Pros of Prison Architect game:

  1. This game has better visuals because of being a PC game and provides a high-quality experience.
  2. The game offers you to make your prison better and better while also getting the consequences of your actions from the prisoners who trying to get out.

10. Survive and kill the Killers in Area 51

Survive and kill the killers in Area 51

Survive and kill the Killers in Area 51 is a game with a pretty long Title. Well, that aside this is another Roblox game that provides the same experience as the Jailbreak game. It is a great game with awesome gameplay with a unique storyline. In the game, you tried to explore all the secrets that Area 51 hides. Obviously, you gonna find some scary stuff. Play the game for exploring and trying to get out of that Area 51.

Pros of Survive and kill the Killers in Area 51 game are:

  1. The game is great with a unique storyline and gameplay.
  2. It has some resembles Jailbreak game in exploring and trying to get out of that Area 51.


So that’s it guys these are the top games like Jailbreak for you to play. Most of these games are great to play and have addicting gameplay. You might find some Roblox games to be very similar to each but all the PC games are unique and awesome to play.

If you wanna play any Roblox games then I would suggest Mad City and Prison Life as both of these games are very similar to the Jailbreak games. You can also try PC game options too, those aren’t bad either. You got a great list of games to choose so I hope you gonna love it.

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Comment down below to let me know which game you like the most? You can also tell me which game you wanted on the list? Just comment down below and happy gaming.

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