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15 Most Incredible Games like Second Life To Play 2019

Second Life is an online virtual world, which is developed and owned by Linden Lab. This is a pretty old platform if you want to know. This game was first released on June 23, 2003. From then, this game starting to increase its users slowly. In 2013, Second Life had more than one million regular users. Check out the best games like Second Life in down below.

Second Life is one of the best Online Virtual World game to play nowadays. This game has grown a lot over the years. In the game, you customize your character known as Avatar. The game allows you to perform many different tasks like interacts with places, objects and other Avatars like you.

In the game, you can explore the world known as the grid, meet other residents, participate in both individual and group activities, socialize, build, create, and trade virtual property and services with other Avatars. Basically, this game work as a whole new virtual world where you can perform almost every activity that you can do in real life.

Second Life is no doubt a great game to play. Joining and participating in this game is very fun to do. But there are also many similar games to Second Life which also has the same features and gameplay to play and have fun. You should definitely check out this list where I have searched some of the best games similar to Second Life.

If you like playing games with virtual world and adventure than you might also like to check out some of the best games like Skyrim and Stardew Valley. Both of these games are really great to play and their alternatives too.

Here Are The Top 15 Best Games Like Second Life To Play In 2018.

  1. Roblox
  2. Minecraft
  3. The Sims Series
  4. Active Worlds
  5. Twinity
  6. IMVU
  7. OurWorld
  8. Job Simulator
  9. Smeet
  10. Oz World
  11. SocioTown
  12. Entropia Universe
  13. Virtual Families
  14. GoJiyo
  15. Avakin Life

All of these games are very similar to Second Life games in their own ways. You gonna love to play these games if you love to play Second Life game. Some of these games are related in gameplay whereas some of these games are related to Second life for their features.

All of these games description is given below with their respected download or buy links. If you like to buy games at the most discount price then check out these best sites like g2a for a great discount on your games keys.

1. Roblox


Roblox is a great game platform like Second Life which is very popular around the world. This is a game creation platform where many players like you come to play and create their own games. This game platform has millions of games to play with. Most of the games in this platforms are made by gamers like you.

Roblox has millions of games for you to choose and play. This game might not have a simulation world like second life, but it has many games that have the virtual world to explore and play. You should try this game if you want to experience some new games with similar gameplay like Second Life.

Play Roblox

2. Minecraft


Minecraft is by far one of the best game in the world. This game is very popular and I can claim you have already heard or played this game by yourself before. Minecraft is a sandbox game which is loved by many players around the world. This game has multiple game modes to play like survival mode and more.

Minecraft game has some similar gameplay like Second life game. You can craft, build and explore a vast open world to do whatever you want. Minecraft is a game about placing blocks in a 3D world. Minecraft is the most selling video game on pc. So you can easily expect how addicted this game must be to play.

Buy Minecraft:For PC, Android and iOS

3. The Sims Series

The Sims series

The Sims has been always been one of the best game to play. This game is loved by millions of people around the world and it has similar gameplay like Second Life game. It has the same virtual world gameplay system that second life game has. This game also takes the gameplay differently than Second Life game.

The Sims has many series games over the years. Each of the game of this series is one of the best game to play. The game allows you to customize your avatar or character as you want. This game also works as a virtual world like Second Life. The game allows you to build, craft and explore the vast open world for making new friends and much more.

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4. Active Worlds

Active Worlds

Active Worlds is one of the most similar game to Second life right now. This game is an online virtual game that is developed by ActiveWorlds. Active Worlds is also a very old game that was initially released on 28 June 1995. The game has many similarities to Second life game.

Active World game allows you to own worlds and universes in the game. The game has received high ratings from most of the top Rating sites. Most of the worlds in the game are also made by players like you. The game allows you to explore most of the game if you want. Overall this game is one of the best game that you should definitely need to play.

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5. Twinity


Twinity is another great online virtual world game similar to second life. This game has also become a very popular online virtual world game in few years of its release. This game was initially launched on 5 September 2008. From then, the game has increased its fan-based rapidly and is being played by millions of peoples.

Twinity is one of the few games out there which has the mirror replica of our world. The game provides most of the big cities replica to explore around the world. However now this game has started to change its maps and world to more fantasy like world. You should definitely try out this game if you want to experience a real-world replica in a virtual world.

Play Now (Free to Play)



IMVU is an online metaverse or website works mostly as a virtual world game. This game was first founded in 2003 as a website where people can meet and chat with random peoples and their friends. Nowadays, this site can do many things like create avatars, chat and play games with other people.

IMVU has grown rapidly over the years in the world. The game had over four millions active user in 2014. Right now the active members on this site are unknown but I can bet, it must be higher than before. IMVU is known to have currently the largest virtual goods catalogue of more than 30 million items.

Visit IMVU

7. OurWorld


OurWorld is a great online world game to play today. This game has a variety of games inside. OurWorld acts like a world of different kinds of cool games insides. The game also has tons of online activities to perform in the game. There are also some casual games to play and have fun with.

OurWorld has a pretty good gameplay that lets you explore the game more. You can play casual games that are inside this game or performs different activities to make money. The online money in this game is known as “Flow” and you can earn it by performing different activities in the game like Talking, Dancing, eating and drinking.

Visit Site

8. Job Simulator

Job Simulator

Job Simulator is a great game that is based on VR only. This game is surely one of the best virtual World game to play right now. It has tons of features similar to Second Life and also has tons of features different than second life game. This game allows you to experience first person view on your VR for a great gameplay.

Job Simulator gives you various jobs to perform in the game like an auto mechanic, gourmet chef, store clerk, and office worker and much more. This is one of the best VR game that you try to play today. The game provides a huge freedom to you in order to complete one task. Overall this is a must play the game if you have a VR to play this game.

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9. Smeet


Smeet is another great Online Virtual world game to play now. This is probably one of the most related game to Second Life right now. Smeet works as a social network game to play with other players around the world. This game is a browser-based 2.5D game that was first released in 2007.

Smeet has well-managed graphics that feels great to play with. The game is available in many languages to play with. You can interact with other peoples in this game and play casual activities. The game is rated as one of the virtual places by gamers. Overall if you want to experience some great games like Second Life than this is must be one of the best game for you.

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10. Oz World Oz World

Oz World is a very known online virtual world in the world. This is a very peaceful game that promotes friendship over any violence. The game has no competition so no one tries to beat anyone. This game very similar to Second Life in many ways.

Oz World game also allows you to perform many activities like fishing, building, customize your own avatar and decorate your houses. This game acts as one of the few Online MMO games. You can explore the world as you want.

The game seems to be old in its graphics in some cases but overall the game is pretty good to enjoy yourself. In any case, you should at least once try this game for a great gaming experience. If you like playing pokemon games than you can check some great pokemon Hack Roms to play now.

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11. Social Town

SocioTownSocioTown is a great Browser-based Online virtual world game. This game is also one of the best games similar to Second Life. SocioTown is a pretty fast and easy available game due to its being a browser-based game. This game has also grown large in the virtual world.

SocioTown is also free to play game that made this game more easily accessible to most of the players around the world. People like to play this game on daily basis. The game provides many different activities to perform like fishing, talking, drinking and much more. Overall this game is a great small game to play like second life game.

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12. Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is a great MMORPG game having a large online virtual universe. This is one of the best Sci-Fi MMORPG game you can play online. The game was first released on 30 January 2003. With each update, this game has become one of the best online game right now.

Entropia Universe has many things to love about this game. It has a huge active user community. People all over the world like to play this game. The game is very great and good looking to play. Overall you can play this game very easily because it is one of the best games to play with.

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13. Virtual Families

 Virtual Families

Virtual Families is a very similar game to second life game. This game has very similar gameplay to second life and the sims. The game lets you do many different activities in the game. You can play a totally different virtual world in this game. You control a character in the game and help it for its job and other things.

Virtual Families is more like the Sims game. The game also allows to marry character and have babies. The game also allows you to scold your relatives in the games. This is definitely one of the most interesting games on this list. Overall you should definitely try out this game for a different and cool gameplay.

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14. GoJiyo


GoJiyo is an online adventure game that is very similar to Second Life. This game is also getting popular rapidly. The game allows you to meet with new players and people in the game. This game also has tons of features that you can explore in the game for absolutely free.

GoJiyo has many features like it allows you to fully customize your house as you always wanted to with internal furnishing too. This game also allows you to play more than 50 games with your friends together. The game has amazing regions to explore and also allows you to have your own pet. Overall this game is not bad and is amazing to play online with your friends.

Play Now

15. Avakin Life

Avakin Life

Avakin Life is another great online 3D virtual world game. This is one of the best alternatives to Second Life game on your smartphone. This game is available for Android and iOS only. The game has a large number of social activities and games to play.

Avakin Life can be played on your smartphone in one touch. This game has it’s own features like complete controls to customize your character and extra space and many more things. If you are looking for a similar game like Second Life but on the Android or iOS platform, this is one of the best game you can play.

Download:- Android and iOS


these are the best games like Second Life you can play today. Maximum of these games might seams old but they have been developing rapidly with their new updates over the years. Most of these games have become a great game over the years. And many players around the world love these games now to play.

Play any of these games that you like on this list. Note that this list is not in any proper order so any games from anywhere on this list can be more interesting to you than others. If you like to play battle royale games than you can also check games like Fortnite for better games. Comment down below to let me know which game do you like the most from this list?

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