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Best iOS Emulator For Android To Run iOS Apps In 2019

Do you want to play and run games and apps for iPhone devices on your Android Device? If Yes, then Today I am going to show you some top Ios emulator for Android to run Ios apps and games on your smartphone. There is always some apps for iOS that I always wanted to run on my Android Smartphone. If you are similar to me, then read this article on Best iOS Emulator for Android to run Ios apps on your smartphone.

When it comes to the mobile Operation System industry, iOS and Android are the leading OS right now. Many things make both of these OS different from each other. In these days, many people prefer to buy Android phones over iOS phones. It’s not because iOS is not a good OS system but rather there are many limitations and high price in iOS System. But there are some benefits lacks that Android user always felt from iOS user.

There are many apps and games in the Android Play store to download. Basically when it comes to apps and games, Android has way many apps and games as compared to iOS. But a lot of them are not good in quality. Whereas iOS may have a low amount of apps and games, they are mostly good in quality. Both operating systems have their own benefits and cons.

Can I Run iOS apps on Android?

IOS emulator for android

In simple words, Yes, you can run iOS apps on an Android smartphone. But there is a catch in this statement. You can not directly run any iOS apps on the Android platform. Same goes for the iOS games too. Basically, to run any iOS apps on the Android platform, you need to use an iOS emulator. An iOS emulator becomes a gateway to run your iOS apps on Android devices.

What is iOS Emulator for Android?

When it comes to using iOS games on Android mobiles, you need to use some third party software called iOS Emulator. iOS emulator works as an environment for the Android platform to use iOS apps. By using the iOS emulator you can easily use iOS apps and games on Android device. This is how iOS emulators work, by creating a suitable environment for iOS apps to run on Android devices.

There are many different benefits when it comes to the Android platform. So most of us know why we choose Android at first in comparison to iOS. But we have to commit that there are few apps and games that only run on the iOS platform and is not available for Android users. So you can simply use these iOS emulators for android to run those apps.

Top iOS Emulator For Android In 2018

These all are the best Emulators for Android right now. One thing you should know that before downloading these Emulators on your smartphone make sure you have a nice Anti Virus. I am not taking any responsibility for these Emulators. For your details, I have used these Emulators and they worked perfectly on my and my friend’s Smartphone. But I can’t say the same thing for your device so make sure you have a great anti-Virus Just In case anything happens.

1. IEmu Emulator


IEmu Emulator is one of the best iOS Emulator for Android to run iOS apps and games. This is a very popular and one of the old iOS emulator which is known for its low specs requirements. This emulator can run your ios apps on in just 512MB of RAM in any android devices. IEmu Emulator also not need more big specs to run iOS apps. This emulator also able to open some zip files without any problems.

IEmu Emulator also known as Padiod APK. This little software help to run iOS apps on Android system. It makes a virtual iOS for apps to run on with a very little amount of smartphone specs. This software is mainly used by developers and peoples like you and me who want to run iOS apps on their Android Smartphone. IEmu is an open source software that is further developed by many researchers for further development. You might find some bugs in this software but most of the bugs get resolved soon by the developers.

Install this software in your smartphone and then open it. Follow the basic steps and you are good to go. You can easily download this software from the steps below. You should know that this software might make some problems on your devices so I am not responsible for anything. Install this software on your own Risk. Always Install a good antivirus before installing this software.

Steps To Install IEmu Emulator:-

1. Download IEmu Emulator from given link:- IEmu Emulator.

2. After that make sure you have allowed installation from unknown resources.

3. For this Emulator to work, make sure your device has sufficient memory. Usually, it only takes 512MB RAM but for being on the safe side you can at least have 1 GB minimum and 2GB of RAM recommended.

4. This software on its own takes size around 60 – 70 MB in your ROM or system memory.

5. After installing this software, you gonna see a new Icon called “Padiod” on the app list of your home screen.

6. Launch this app you are ready to open iOS apps and games. This software is capable of opening “ipa” and “zip” files on your smartphone.

2. Appetize iOS Emulator

Appetize Emulator

Appetize iOS Emulator is also an excellent iOS emulator for android to play iOS games and apps. This is a Browser based Emulator that runs on your smartphone browser. This is one of the best and most convenient methods to iOS apps on your smartphone in my opinion. You don’t need to hustle and need to download some software to run the emulator. You need a good Internet connection and your smartphone Browser. But you should first check you have enough RAM in your smartphone.

In today’s time having 2GB RAM is not a big deal for a low-end tech Android Device. This amount of RAM should be enough to Run your desire iOS apps and Games on your Android Smartphone. For games, you at least need a mid-range Android device to play them on your smartphone browser. The best thing is, in just seconds a virtual iPhone emulator will be there to open your favourite iOS apps.

But if you really looking for a great experience with this browser-based iOS Emulator, you should always try to use it in your pc browser. On your computer, the performance of this Emulator is very great. In smartphone sometimes it lags on some apps. This Emulator is used by many developers to test their iOS apps instantly. But you can still use this Emulator on your Android Smartphone.

3. Cider Emulator

Cider Emulator

Cider Emulator is also a great way to use iOS apps on Android devices. It is one of the best iOS Emulator for Android to use iOS apps and games. This emulator is almost working same as IEmu Emulator to run iOS apps on Android. You can open and use any iOS apps on your Android Smartphone by using this Emulator. The best part about this Emulator is that it’s totally free. You don’t need to pay anything and also don’t need to pay for any membership plan to use this Emulator.

One of the best parts about this Emulator is that you can install as many iOS apps as you want on your Android device. This Emulator also has a pretty user interface and let you get the feel of the iOS system. The only thing you need to consider is your device RAM. Usually this Emulator also only take space as IEmu Emulator takes i.e. 512MB. But I recommend for better experience having at least 2GB of RAM in your smartphone and 1GB minimum.

There is no doubt that this Emulator is great to run iOS apps on the android phone. But this Emulator also has its limits. This Emulator works with a few Android devices and you need to check your device name manually. There are also some bugs in this Emulator that might be annoying to you. Except for these type of main problems, this Emulator is really a great way to run iOS apps on Android devices.

Steps to Run Cider on Android:-

1. First of all download Cider APK from the given link:- Cider Emulator.

2. After that make sure you have allowed installation from unknown sources. If not, then you can enable or allow it from the  Android System Settings.

3. For this Emulator to work on your Android device first check does it works for your mobiles manually. After that make sure you have enough RAM memory for a lag-free experience. I recommend at least having 2 GB RAM Recommended and 1GB minimum.

4. Find Cider APK that you have downloaded from the link above. Now install this Emulator.

5. Open Cider Emulator from the app drawer and that’s all.

6. Now you can open any type of ios apps in your android smartphone.


When it comes to run iOS apps on Android devices, these iOS emulators are the best to use. There are also many other Emulators there too but unfortunately, they didn’t work on my smartphone. So I decided not to include them. There are many other Emulators which are basically just malware that suggest not to use. I highly recommend to just only use these types of Emulators.

In my personal opinion, Appetize iOS Emulator is my favourite when it comes to best iOS Emulator for Android to run iOS Apps. This Emulator doesn’t need to install in your smartphone system that makes it more safer than other Emulators. And it is way much faster than other Emulators too. That’s why In my opinion Appetize iOS Emulator is the best ios Emulator for Android.

But that’s only my opinion. You can also try other Emulators if you don’t want to use Web-Based Emulator for iOS apps. Comment down Below to let me know which Emulator do you like to use for iOS apps. Also, let me know which Emulator have I missed in this article that is also a great iOS Emulator for Android.

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