Is G2A Safe? Is G2A Legit? G2A Review

Is G2A Legit? Or Is G2A Safe? G2A Review In 2022

If you have played computer games then chances are that you have already known G2A for a while now. If you are new to G2A or already a member of G2A who consistently buys games from this site then there will be some questions in your mind. Is G2A Legit? Or Is G2A Safe Site? And many more questions which I am sure you wanted to know.

Today I am here to solve all your quarries. I have been using G2A for over some years now. And I have seen most of the problems and perks that this site has to offers. G2A offers many steam games keys at a very affordable price but it comes with its own risks. You can also find some great cd keys offers on multiple great sites.

To be honest, G2A got many problems and a lot of developers even say it rips them off. But before you know how that happens and How does that gonna affect you? Let me first clarify how does G2A actually works. G2A is just like any other Gray Market website. So let me clear things before answering Is G2A Legit or Is G2A Safe?

How does G2A Actually Work?

G2A is a Gray Market website which sells games keys at affordable and cheap price. Gray Market Website are those sites which provide a platform for different sellers to sell their gaming keys at affordable price. G2A doesn’t own any gaming keys you buy from it.

It only offers a platform for users to buy games from sellers and developers. It’s a very similar site to steam if you want a comparison as it doesn’t make games or own anything but allow sellers or developers to sell on this site.

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Even though all the Gray market websites works similarly, G2A has done a pretty great job with their advertisement and free offers to make it the top horse in this Gray Market industry. Thousands of people like this site as it’s most of the time works perfectly fine.

I said most of the time, cause there are many times when you bought something from a seller and the key doesn’t work. At that time, either you talk to the seller or to the G2A team. If the seller refuses to answer, then it becomes a real pain to get your refund back. Which I’ll talk about later in this article.

Why G2A is so Cheap?

G2A doesn’t own any keys in its catalog. Sellers and developers are the ones who sell games here. According to G2A itself, the commission G2A charge is very small compared to Steam and other platforms. Due to this developers and sellers can get profit even if they sell their games at a cheap price.

But not all sellers are developers on G2A. Many sellers are people like us. Even if you want, you can also sell your game key on this site. That makes this a little risky. As many sellers can sell you keys which are acquired by fraud money or from other’s credit card.

Some people buy the game at steam summer sale or any event when the game key is very cheap to buy. After that when the price of the game increase again they start to sell those keys. This is a common trick which small sellers use to sell legal keys on G2A.

Even though 99% of the time G2A keys are legit, there are times when people can get scammed by sellers and lose their money. The customer after service is getting horrified day after day on G2A. The company policy most of the time only cares about their image so the customer suffers a lot if any sellers refuse to give you a refund.

Is G2A Legit?

Yes, G2A is a Legit site to buy cheap game keys. G2A and other Gray Market sites offer sellers to sell game keys at a very affordable price and moreover legally. Users can choose whether they wanted to buy games from the platform itself or from third-party resellers. It’s totally legal unless the seller obtains those keys from frauds.

In simple terms, G2A is a Legit gray market website to buys games from. It provides a platform for users to buy games but remember it doesn’t own any of the games it sells. So, therefore, any fraud if happen doesn’t make G2A liable for that. This is written in its privacy policy in a way that protects the company from getting sued.

But in general, if you buy games keys from G2A, it’s all be legit. Legally there are no rules about where users can buy games keys at therefore these Gray Market sites are a great way of getting cheap games keys at high discounts. You can save a lot of money if you buy games on these sites.

Is G2A Safe?

In simple terms, it depends but if you want the majority favorite answer then Yes, G2A is a safe place to buy games keys from but you need to remember checking the seller’s ratings first. Even though G2A provides customer protection plans for free, there is a chance that if you got any problem with your key and the seller refuses to talk about it, you will have to go through a lot of hardship to get your money back.

This is the main problem with the G2A site which I’ll talk about in detail later. G2A site cares more about its legal status and tries to take steps to improve company’s position, not its customer status. It might seem logical for a business point at first but it takes the trust that people have on this site.

But in general, if you buy games from trustworthy sellers like sellers with ratings higher than 95% then you will be good with your key most of the time. Make sure to also check whether the seller has got multiple reviews usually more than 100 to be on the safe side before buying your key.

I have also seen G2A recommending seller who actually has very high ratings but the price of those sellers is a bit high. But I think it’s better to buy expensive than being scammed right. G2A also says it’s 99% of the customers get a legit gaming key so the chances of you getting scammed are 1%.

Can you get scammed on G2A?

Yes, you can definitely get scammed on G2A. As I said before, If you bought games from a seller who’s ratings aren’t that great ( is less than 95%) then your chances of getting scammed becomes very high. You need to know that not all sellers are developers or companies.

There are a lot of sellers on G2A who are people like us. And when someone got a key through fraud or from stealing money, you can get scammed for buying games from them. Even though G2A has improved its security about these threats, it’s not perfect.

I personally never get scammed on G2A. I always check the seller’s rating which usually I choose more than 95% and I also check how many reviews the seller got. If the seller is a new person then I don’t usually take a risk with them. So you could do that too. Just remember to check the seller’s rating and your chances of getting scammed are very low.

How does G2A get their keys?

G2A is a Gray market site that means it provides game keys at affordable prices. G2A gets its keys from many different developers, people who don’t wanna play that game for some reason, many sellers who bought games in bulk to make some profit, and more.

Even though many game keys at this site are legit and work totally fine for everyone there are few nasty sellers who can sell keys that are acquired using stolen money. This is a big issue and G2A says that acquiring games in bulk is nowadays impossible for normal customers. Only companies and developers have the right to buy games in bulk.

Therefore, the chances of people getting keys using stolen money are very few. This sounds good but it only works for big sellers. Small sellers or users who only selling a few games can get bypass this restriction. So it becomes hard to control these nuisances.

Some people also say that buying games in one region where it costs less and selling it in another region is also another option for sellers to make a nice profit. G2A states that it’s very difficult for users to do that because many regional keys are locked so they can’t be used besides that region.

Can G2A Gets you Banned?

Well, honestly if you bought a key that may have been bought through some scam then there is a certain possibility that your account might get banned. But that’s a very rare occurrence. And I am pretty sure if you bought CD keys from any key sellers outside steam, this margin of error will remain there.

So if you have to choose whether you can get banned using G2A then a short answer would be NO. The chances of you getting ban are only marginal 2 – 4%. And if you follow the rules to safely use G2A like making sure you are buying games from a good and highly rated seller then chances of you being banned have become even narrower.

Problem with the G2A site?

Nobody is perfect in this world. So does the G2A. G2A provides many features but it also focuses more on the company than on users. The money-back-guarantee sounds cool but is a way for users to suffers and make sure that G2A as a company doesn’t have to hold reliability for these scams.

Even though the scams on G2A are considered by themselves less than 1%, whenever it occurs and you try to report for your money back, the procedure of the site has become so hard that it only gonna cost you more then it gonna cost the scammer.

There could be many keys bought by scams and sold of G2A, and moreover, there could be some keys that might have been obtaining by other illegal or pirated ways. All of this is a problem of the G2A user but unfortunately, G2A seems to focus on making sure their company doesn’t suffer any legal action then taking steps for the users to resolve their problem.

How to properly use G2A?

there’s no doubt that G2A is a great marketplace to buy games. Even though there are some problems with the site but overall those problems are mainly with 1% of users. So here are some ways for you to not get involved in that 1% and buy games with great prices and discounts.

  1. Always check the seller’s ratings before buying games from G2A, I usually go with more than 96% positive rating.
  2. Always check the competition site price for the game and see if the difference in price is too large or not. If it’s too much large then it’s a deal too good to be true.
  3. Always do your research before buying stuff as sometimes the summer sale or any type of sale comes and gives more discount than you actually paid.
  4. Try to check reviews of the game most of the time and make sure these reviews are plenty for you to decide whether or not these reviews can be trusted or not.

G2A Alternatives

Sites like g2a

G2A site is great but it also suffers from trust issues from many users. Even though I know that G2A hasn’t solved those issues I still think G2A is a great site to buy games keys. But if you still have doubts in your mind then try choosing G2A alternatives sites.

There are a lot of sites like G2A for you to choose from. I personally gonna recommend you Gamivo cause my experience with this site has been awesome over the year. Just make sure now Gamivo is pushing their subscription to everyone so when you add something to your cart and go to payment.

You automatically have their subscription selected which is quite annoying. I don’t know why they doing this nowadays but you can actually just untick this subscription and you are gd to go. The price on this site is totally awesome. It has some great deals on the game’s key and is a very trustworthy site.

Other sites for G2A alternatives are Kinguin and Cdkeys which are also popular and trustworthy. You can check the full list from the above link. Try these sites if you are not comfortable with the G2A site.


In the end, if I have to summarize whether you should buy games from G2A or not then I would say Yes you should. But as I have told you above, it’s not that clear and easy for any new users to go with this site. The site privacy policy which mainly focuses on saving itself and making it difficult for users to get refunds for their purchases is a pretty bad sign of a site.

But if you follow the rules I have told you about how to save yourself from any kind of scams then you will going to have no problem with this site. The scam rate on this site is also little as 1%. But that doesn’t make it any safer site so do follow these rules.

The G2A marketing team has done a great job of campaigning its products that makes it one of the biggest third party games selling key sites. Therefore, you will find players using this site. It’s totally fine if you used this as it offers some of the best rates for any games you can find.

You can also go for G2A alternatives if you ever wanted to just not wanna use G2A. There are more sites out there that get a lesser price than G2A or are more trustworthy than G2A. Overall whatever you choose, it’s your money so you decide where to spend it.