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15 Best Android No WiFi Games You Should Play In 2019

Playing games over WiFi or Internet connection is really frustrating sometimes. So, here I’ve list of top rated best no WiFi games for Android. All the games are tested by me and works perfectly without WiFi or internet connection.

The Android operating system can be defined as heaven for mobile gamers. Almost all the popular games are available on the Android platform. Google Play Store is full of thousands of games. We all love gaming in free time. But, the problem occurs when games only work when connected to the internet. It’s the most common thing which is hated by people most of the times. Even some single player games require the internet connection to run. It just sucks, people nowadays want to play no WiFi games. There are hundreds of reason behind this. The most common reason is that either they are working/living in such an area where online games can’t run properly. Or they want to install some no WiFi games to enjoy later when they don’t have any kind of connectivity.

No WiFi games for android are amazing as well. These games do have a unique concept. Most of the online games are having the same logic and concept. So, if you want to play some amazing and games having a unique concept, you must give a try to no WiFi games. I’m one of those gamers who loved to play games in free time. But, the problem occurs when I’m out of my daily high-speed data limit. Thereafter, I can’t even browse properly and some online games won’t even open properly. Hence, switching to offline games is the only choice left.survival no wifi games

I’ve played hundreds of games in the past few years. My taste in mobile gaming is unique and I love to try new things. Hence, I have a list of unique and best no WiFi games. Most of these games are totally free but some of them are paid. I’ve tried to provide games having a unique concept and better gameplay. All the games listed down below are available on PlayStore and rating of these games is also very high.

You just need to download them once in your Android device, thereafter you can play them without WiFi or internet connection. Just update them when you want and that’s all you need to do. Playing these games will save your internet data and battery as well. If you’re playing games on your PC, then you should take a look at best games like Stardew Valley.

Best No WiFi Games For Android

Most gamers think that offline games are boring and easy to win. But, that’s totally wrong. Offline games are also hard to win and level based games need logic and time to clear the levels. Just try any of the games listed down below and you’ll know how enjoyable are these games. This list contains latest and highly rated no WiFi or offline games. Check them out one by one to know more.

1. Roll The Ball

Who doesn’t like solving puzzles right! Well, this game is just like solving a puzzle but the gaming concept is very interesting and attractive to most of the gamers. In the game, you have to align the blocks in such a way that ball can roll to another end of the screen.best no wifi games android

All the blocks do have own way from where the ball can pass, but with the increase in level, the hardness will get increased. Sound effects and graphics of Roll The Ball Game are really nice. It has more than 100 Million installs on google play with 4.5 rating. This shows the popularity of the game. You should definitely give it a try.

Multiple modes are supported e.g Star Mode, Classic Mode, Moving Mode and Rotating mode. The bonus part of this game is that it supports online Multi-Player as well. So, whenever you have an active internet connection, you can challenge people online and win over them.


2. Maze & More

I bet, most of the people reading this article has solved a maze at least once in their life. If you haven’t then you’ve missed the fun part of your childhood. I do remember the time when newspaper and kids books were full of mazes and puzzles. I loved solving all of them.best free no wifi games

This game is also a maze puzzle based. You have to find a way out for your line in time and then you’ll win the level. It’s a digital maze and hence more crunch is added to the game. Different modes are introduced, e.g ice mode, time mode, dark mode etc. In dark mode you’ll not be able to see whole the puzzle, just nearest puzzle lines are visible and you’ll sweat to find a way out.

In the time mode, there’ll be a limited time given under which you’ve to find the correct way to complete the level. So, get ready for the next level Maze fun. There are over 10 Million downloads with a 4.6 rating on Play Store.


3. Rise Up

From kids to aged ones, all loves playing with balloons. This game is listed as one of the most engaging games in 2018. Received over 10 Million installs on Play Store and 4.1 rating. Basically, the gamer needs to clear way up for his balloon. There are different shaped obstacles when your balloon is rising up.no wifi games android free

You’ll be given a round shaped ball, use the touchscreen to control the ball and hit the obstacle to clean the way up. If any of the obstacles touched the balloon, your balloon will burst and the level will fail. Different levels have different types of obstacle and it’s really hard to clear the way up.

Protect your balloon and create high scores by playing Rise Up game. It’s totally free to download and play.


4. Public Transport Simulator

When I was a kid, I wanted to drive a Public Transport bus. Well, that’s a stupid idea as of now but most of you do have the same kind of feelings when traveling in a bus in childhood. It was really very interesting to see a person driving a bus. But, if you never got a chance of driving a bus, then Public Transport Simulator might be useful to complete your desire.no wifi game

It’s totally bus simulation based game in which you’ve to pick passengers from different parts of the city and drops them at their destination. I’ve played this game for about 6 months on my Windows Phone (Available on Android also). Sound effects and the gaming concept is really very interesting and challenging.

When you start the game for the first time, you’ll be given a bus, you can change the camera position, set gear to manual and many customizations like that is available in the game. It’ll give you complete simulation joy. Thereafter, you’ll find passengers on your way, stop the bus, open the doors and let them sit in your bus. Then you can start driving, drop them at their destination to earn points.

Keep this in mind that accidents or shocks while driving will hurt the passengers and you’ll lose the point. So, it’s hard to drop passengers at their destination in safety. So, PTS can be defined as perfect driving no WiFi games for Android.


5. Hill Climb 2

Hill climb is indeed one of the successors in the mobile gaming industry. There is over 100 million installs of Hill Climb 1 on Google PlayStore. Now, Hill Climb 2 was introduced by them back in 2017. This game also received millions of installs and positive feedback from the users worldwide. It’s just an awesome game and in Hill Climb 2, more crunch, skins, and vehicles are added.hard no wifi games

The gamer can either play it offline or online as well. So, it’s one of the best no WiFi game you’ll find on PlayStore. If you’ve ever played Hill Climb 1, then you better know how fun and challenging is this game. Hill Climb 2 is more entertaining and more engaging game you should try. It’s free to download and play, some in-app purchases are available. 4.6 rating on PlayStore with over 100 Million installs.


6. Sniper 3D

When we hear the work Sniper, a guy with a sniper gun with a lot of experience in shooting, hiding somewhere in the forest or building comes up in our mind right! So, what if I tell you that you can enjoy the same experience playing the game! Sniper 3D offers you the same opportunity here. In the game, you’ll be given some sniping tasks and you have to complete them to complete the level.free no wifi games

Most of the levels are very challenging and hard to complete. Missions like saving the innocent hostage, taking down the bombers etc. will be given to you. Graphics of 3D sniper is very attractive and you’ll get the complete gaming experience.

I’ve enjoyed it for hours, focusing on the target and clicking the shoot button at right time. If you somehow failed to shoot the target, the target will run away and you’ll be listed as looser. It’s completely offline game, but you need to download new maps once you’ll start progressing in the game. It received 4.6 rating with 100 Million installs on PlayStore and hence I’ve listed it here as one of the best no WiFi games. Sniper 3D falls under the category of shooting games no WiFi. So, offline games lover should install it right now.


7. Six Guns

Six gone of another one of the best no WiFi games for Android. Gamers who are action gaming lover should definitely try this game to know more about it. It’s released by Gameloft and is android First Shooting Game. Millions of people loved Six Guns and it has over 10 Million installs on PlayStore. The player can play it online or offline.shooting no wifi games

If you want to challenge your Facebook friends, you have to connect it to the internet and then start playing with your Facebook or random online players. There are tons of achievements to unlock and lots of action to face.

Maps of Six Guns are really very nicely designed and almost every object is movable and the shooter can destroy them using guns for more action. If you’re FPS game love, you must give this game a try. You’ll also get shooting games no WiFi experience in Six Guns.


8. Gangster Vegas

Open world simulation games are loved by almost every single user. Gangster Vegas is one of such games in which gamer have the ability to surf any place inside the map. But, Gangster Vegas is much more than just open world simulation. You’ll get hundreds of unique and funny vehicles inside the game. The player can even fight wrestling inside the game.no wifi open world games android

A lot of character customizations are available. Street racing is also available. So if you’re racing fan, you must definitely try racing challenges in the game. The most interesting part I loved about the game is that the gamer needs to find out the most interesting and hidden things which will dramatically increase interest in the game. The game has received more than 50 Million installs with 4.5 rating. This clearly shows that almost all the users loved playing Gangster Vegas.


9. Truck Simulator 2018 (Europe)

In my childhood, I loved seeing big trucks moving on the road. Such big machinery is really very eye-catching to kids and from child to aged ones, we always want to take a ride on trucks. Truck simulation gaming is also drastically improved in past few years even on Android platform. Truck Simulator 2018 from Zukks Games is really very nice truck simulation game. The problem with most truck simulation games is that they aren’t nicely designed. But this one is the perfect masterpiece on PlayStore.driving no wifi games

Driving experience inside the game is realistic and challenging as well. I’ve played this for hours, trying to deliver the luggage to the required place in time. The most amazing part I loved is the Radio. If you do have active internet connection while playing the game, just turn on the radio and game will find out the closest Radio station and start playing it. It’s the nicest feature I’ve ever seen in any game.

Game included traffic system, maps from Europe, superfine truck interior, and much more like that. It has more than 10 million installs on PlayStore with 4.3 rating. If you want to give a try on truck simulation no WiFi game, then I highly recommend you to try this game. It’s really enjoying and challenging game.


10. Don’t Starve Together

This game isn’t free and you have to pay in order to enjoy this game. But, believe me, it’s totally worth it. This game is loved by millions of players from all around the globe. If we talk about the main concept of the game, it’s survival. You’ll be dropped on a land, totally alone and helpless. Now, you have to collect the resources in order to survive. Hundreds of things are available to collect from.survival no wifi games

Don’t Starve Together is designed very nicely and surviving alone in the land isn’t that much easy task. It’s hard to collect the resources required and even you have to build things from those resources as well. Different characters in the game will try to harm you and you have to stay away from all those objects and bad characters. Only then you’ll be able to complete all the task which will be assigned to you.


11. Tiny Archers

Here comes the turn of Archer games fan. Tiny Archers is the perfect solution to your love for archery. I’ve also played Tiny Archers for hours and loved its gameplay, graphics and all over gaming concept. Basically, you’ll be given a task to stop all the enemies heading towards your tower. If you aren’t able to stop them, they’ll reach the bottom of the tower and you’ll fail the level.shooting free no wifi games

Talking about the graphics and gaming effects, it’s an amazing experience. You’ll enjoy both of the things as graphics are nicely designed, maps are really cool and attractive one as well. Every single change/movement will create a sound effect.

When you’ll enter into the level for the first time, all you need to do is just charge your archer, point towards the enemy who’s running towards your tower and then hit him hard. If you’ve hit him on the right place, the enemy will be down with one arrow. Or just use multiple arrows to completely take your enemy down. Play the game to know more about it.


12. Archery King

I do remember that in childhood, I and my friends were fans of archery toys. I think it’s also the same in your case as well. Pointing and shooting at something is a really exciting thing and this game is giving you the same gaming concept. Archery King works in both online and offline mode. If you don’t want to play it in the online game, just click on Play offline button when you’ve launched the game and that’s all you need to do.arrow no wifi game

When I tried it for the first time, I feel like the controls and graphics aren’t that much awesome. But, after completing two levels, I felt all the engagement that this game is giving to its players. I’ve completed up to 10 levels without quitting the game. This shows how addictive is this game. The game has received more than 10 Million installs on Google PlayStore and has 4.5 rating. It completely points towards the fact that it’s loved by millions of mobile gamers from all around the world. You should definitely give a hand on archery by playing Archery Kind for free.


13. Trial Frontier

Who doesn’t like off-road bike racing right! It’s really awesome to see bikers doing stunts in from of us in the stadium. If you’ve enjoyed bikers stunts show once, you’ll better understand how energetic it is to see them. Well, you can also perform the same stunts using Trial Frontier game. This game is one of those free no WiFi games which works offline without any problem.bike stunt no wifi game

There are hundreds of bike stunting games built for both PC and mobile devices. This one is trending in PlayStore and it has more than 10 Million installs with 4.3 rating. This shows how popular is this game and how much people are loving Trial Frontier. It’s free to download and play, there are some in-app purchases you might purchase if needed.

Controls and difficulty level of Trial Frontier is awesome. You have to control the bike and have to the speed of the bike for a safe landing. Sound effects will fill you up with lots of energy. The paint job is really awesome. I recommend you to try this game right now if you’re bike stunt show lover.


14. Traffic Rider

Most of the mobile gamers already knew about Speed Rider game. It’s a game built for highway speed lovers. If you can’t enjoy highway surfing at high speed, then just install this game right away and enjoy the highway surfing virtually. What I loved most about the game is that everything is just balanced. Graphics, Sound Effects, controls and every single thing is just perfect. It works offline without any problem. Hence, I decided to add it to this list of best no WiFi games for Android.riding no wifi games

When it comes to GamePlay, you’ll surely enjoy it. When you start the game for the first time, you’ll be placed on a highway with a bike. Then you have to increase the speed of the bike, stay away from other vehicles and run until you crash. Passing closely from other vehicles will make you more coins and score. Play the game today and know how addictive is its gameplay.

Traffic Rider is loved by 100 Million people worldwide and has received

4.7 rating on PlayStore. If you’re speed lover, you much play this game.


15. Plants Vs Zombies

Another masterpiece which works without WiFi. It’s the amazing and best no WiFi game on Android. Most of the users might have played Plants vs Zombies before. The second part of this game for Android devices is just insane. You’ll sweat while stopping zombies from entering your side.zombie no wifi game

If you don’t know anything about the concept of this game, it’s kind of farming cum stopping zombies from entering your side on the map. You have to collect Sun rays in order to grow more and more plants. Once the plant is grown, it’ll start shooting the zombies and zombies will vanish on his way.

But, don’t even think that it’s very easy to play game or logic seems to be easy. With the increase in levels, the hardness of the game also increases and I bet you’ll feel sweating while planting the plants. Collecting sunrise also needs tactics.

Completing the levels will open new plants who have different types of abilities with them. Watch its trailed and know how amazing is this gameplay. Both online and offline modes are supported by Plants Vs. Zombies 2. This game is indeed perfect strategy no WiFi game.


Conclusion Of Best No WiFi Games For Android

The logic of searching for no WiFi games for Android is simple, you just need awesome games to play offline. So, I tried to provide you top 15 apps which are totally free/ cheap and are rated very high by millions of gamers worldwide. All the games have a unique concept and amazing gaming experience. If you think that you’ve better suggestions, then drop down a comment down below and let me know about it.

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