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Sites Like Cdkeys for cheap games in 2022

When it comes to buying games online for a cheap price, Cdkeys is one of the most popular places to visit. SO therefore wouldn’t it be great to find a similar place to buy games cheaply? Check out the best sites like Cdkeys for cheap games.


If you are looking to buy games for pc then you must have known about steam. So make sure to check the best sites like steam to buy games cheaply.

If you are someone who somehow doesn’t know how to safely buy games online then I suggest you do more research about the site as well as the product before spending your money. Cdkeys is one of the best places to buy games similarly there are other sites too. Do know that price may change with every site so you better compare them with others before buying.

10 Best Sites like Cdkeys to buy games cheaply In 2021

1. G2A


Whether you like it or not G2A is the ultimate place for users to find games at a very cheap price. This is the largest gaming key selling site outside the main clients to buy games. Cdkeys also come under this criteria if you don’t know. Many gamers hate G2A but even more gamers love this site for its great price.

The price of the games on this site is very cheap but do remember it’s not fully trusted. As the seller for the keys are individuals like us you can’t trust every seller. So I suggest avoiding fewer review products and buy only from high-ranking sellers. You can also check out similar sites like G2A for more options.

2. Gamivo


Gamivo is by far my most favorite site to buy games at a very cheap price. This is a not popular site but it deserves as much attention as possible. I have bought many games key from this site and I never had a problem with any of my keys.

The site is not as big as G2A but it provides much of the popular titles in the market. But do remember that there is one annoying thing about the site. In the cart, they automatically add their prime subscription so you better untick that before making payment. Overall an awesome site for great game prices.

3. HRK Game

HRK Game is a known site for providing some great titles at a cheap price. Even though many people haven’t heard about it but if you are a gamer for a long enough time then you might have visited this site. The site lets you buy games on many different platforms including PC, Nintendo, Xbox, and more.

The price of the game on the site is cheap and you can find many great games at sales all the time. The best time to buy the games on the site would be at sales or regular festivals. But truth be told there is no best time for any game. As if you want to buy a certain game at cheap you could wait for years for its price to get low. Which I don’t think is a good way to play the game.

4. Kinguin


Kinguin is a very popular gaming key selling site. It offers many games at very cheap sites. This site is a very trustworthy site and you can buy games at a very cheap price. Even though you might not find games at a rate that Gamivo or G2A provide.

The catalog of the Kinguin site is pretty big so you could find most of the games that you want to buy. Try using this site as it is trusted by many users. Cdkeys and this site are very similar to each other so you won’t be disappointed by it.

5. Eneba

Eneba is another great site to buy games at a cheap price. This site is known for its great price and trustworthy keys. The site is used by many gamers but the most important part is the fact that the site provides consistently good working keys.

There are many sites that could fraud you with your money but Eneba is one of the few trustworthy sites to buy games like cdkeys. As a matter of fact, I have only put trustworthy sites on this list that actually work and provide good working keys. But be aware to always check the seller ratings and you are good to go. Overall a great site to buy games.

6. Mmoga


Mmoga is mostly an EU active site but you can find different games key at a reasonable price. Even though I only suggest buying games after you have compared the price on G2A or Gamivo. Because these sites have less price mostly. But the one thing that Mmoga is great for everyone is its in-game currency to buy.

You can buy in-game skins, currency, and much more at a very cheap price. So if you are looking for a place where you can easily buy a particular skin or diamonds for a game then this is for you. The games offer in the store are not much but are still a reasonable price for EU users. So make sure to take advantage of it.

7. Scdkeys


Ok does the name sound familiar? Yea it does but it’s not the Cdkeys site but a similar site to it. Scdkeys site is also a great place for gamers to buy games at a very cheap price. Not only that the catalog of the game is also fairly big. You will find all the big titles games at a pretty great price.

The downside that I personally found in the profile section of the user. I know a minor issue but the UI for users isn’t that great and the point system that the site offers is very bad in terms of useability. Not something that could affect you much but I thought you should at least know. A great site overall for buying keys and stuff.

8. Instant Gaming

Instant gaming

Instant Gaming is another big name for buying games at a very cheap price. The price of the site could go low but usually, the price isn’t gonna be the cheapest in the market. But one thing is for sure that once you got used to this site you won’t bother going anywhere else to buy games keys.

The site provides a good catalog of games and you can find many great games at a cheap price. The strength of Instant Gaming isn’t in making certain games cheaply available but making most of the games affordable and cheaper. Overall a nice site to visit and buy stuff but there are better options out there.

9. Gamebillet


Gamebillet is relatively a new site compare to other top sites on this list but so far it has shown potential to become one of the best in the industry. If you wanna try some new site where chances of getting better games keys option are high then you must try Gamebillet.

Gamebillet is a great site in terms of games catalog as well as price. There are times that many games price is cheaper on this site any of the other sites. It’s a beautiful site to visit and explore if you just wanna compare stuff and buy. Overall a great alternative site to Cdkeys to buy games at cheap prices.

10. GreenManGaming

GreenManGaming is a well-known store for buying video game keys online. This is a pretty trustworthy site to actually buy stuff online. The site is used and loved by many users online. Even though the price of this site might be a little bit high than sites like Gamivo or G2A but it has a consistent catalog of great games at a cheap price.

If you are buying games online then trust is something that makes a huge factor in buying from a cheap site or a well an expensive site. The GreenManGaming site lies just between both of them. And still, remain trustworthy for many players to buy games. Overall a great site for buying cheap stuff.


Well, truth be told there are still many great sites out there similar or better than Cdkeys site to buy games at a cheap price. But I guess I have provided a pretty solid list of the top sites to buy games at a cheap price like cdkeys. You can think of these sites as rival sites to the Cdkeys site.

My personal favorite one is Gamivo but you can try every other site listed on this list to compare or buy gaming keys. You can also try checking out the list of best sites like Steam to play and buy PC games. As we all know about steam it’s better to know the alternatives too.

Let me know which of the site above you like the most. I suggest choosing a site based on your region as there could be a massive difference between a global game key and a region-locked gaming key. Know how to save your hard-earned money. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions for more alternatives.

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